Easily Publish SCORM to Birch Learning Platform

To load eLearning content into a Learning Management System you need to publish SCORM or xAPI that allows the content to track and report to the LMS.

Through our long experience we’re still amazed how many struggle with this basic eLearning function and the issues are usually related to the LMS: 

  1. Doesn’t actually comply with SCORM or xAPI standards.
  2. Reports are limited to showing who completed an eLearning module only 
  3. Only accepts or can report on content built within the LMS. This effectively locks people into using that LMS only.
  4. Vendor does not allow clients to load their own content because the process is too technical. 

B Online Learning is an organisation that embraces technologies that are easy for clients t use and provide unquestionable flexibility and reliability. Our research and personal experiences led us to choose Articulate as our preferred content development tool and to build Birch Learning Platform.  

These applications are easy to use, have extensive and comprehensive functionality and most importantly they make it very easy for clients to publish and load their own eLearning content, whenever they want.

Publish SCORM from Articulate Rise

Publish SCORM from Articulate Storyline

Loading SCORM to Birch Learning Platform

We have used Articulate as the example but Birch is compatible with all SCORM, xAPI, AICC or Cmi5.

It’s really simple and takes a few minutes for content to be ready for your learners. If this process is anything other than simple, then contact us to find out more about Birch Learning Platform.

One final tip! If your content doesn’t work in your LMS then test it in the eLearning industry standard SCORM cloud and if it works there then the issue is the LMS not the content.

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