Content Development

Transform your learning into highly engaging experiences

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    Confirm your vision, objectives and requirements by working closely with you to deliver a solution that meets your needs now and in the future.

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    Apply the instructional design approach, storyboard (if desired) and create a live working design concept for your review.

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    It's time to put the plan into action! Building your learning solution incorporating design, learning, images, media and more using Articulate software.

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    Published to your requirements HTML, SCORM, xAPI, WCAG and hand over all the source files.

eLearning development

Responsive, engaging, interactive eLearning

We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients in becoming an invaluable extension of their team.

Consultative approach

We spend time consulting with you upfront and throughout the design and development process. Our iterative, agile approach guarantees client satisfaction.

Direct production

If you're content is in a 'ready to build' format, you may have a storyboard or existing designs or powerpoint we use a direct production approach to save time and cost.

Our Work

We’ve been working with Articulate software since 2005 and have developed thousands of engaging courses for leading Australian organisations.

Some features of our solutions

Whether you have 15 minutes of content or 100 volumes, we can scale to any size project easily.

Total Solution

Our team has a range of skills and experience to provide a total solution aligned to adult learning principles - instructional design, graphic design, Articulate development, copy and script writing, LMS deployment.

Articulate tools

Award winning Articulate tools provide interactive, animated, engaging eLearning, responsive to any device. We help choose the right app either Storyline or Rise to suit your requirements.


Give your content that professional sound with one of our voice talents and increase learner attention. Choose from our range of voice talents to suit your audience.


Video opens up a wealth of opportunity to make your eLearning interactive and engaging when used for demonstrations, interviews or scenarios. We provide scripting, production and editing.

Screen Simulations

Screen capture simulations are ideal to promote a new app to your team. We show learners how to complete a task, allow them to try it themselves also test their knowledge.


Exponential scenarios give your learners the opportunity to actively participate. Learners explore, learn and acquire experience and skills within a safe environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can we get started?

Schedule it now and we will start your project immediately.  In most cases you can expect to see a live version of your content within 2 weeks.

2. Can you develop small or large size projects?

Whether you have 15 minutes of content or 100 volumes we can scale to any size project easily.  Our process is intuitive, scalable and adaptable with your project manager responding to any changing requirements throughout the process.

3. Are you Articulate experts?

We’ve been working with Articulate since 2005 and have developed hundreds of courses for corporate, government and businesses. It’s important to engage someone that understands Articulate inside out, that can deliver a robust solution without over programming. Plus since we are the Exclusive Certified Training Provider in Australia and New Zealand we can deliver training to your team to maintain the content moving forward.

4. How much does it cost?

This is hard to say upfront until we talk to you further about what your requirements are and how we can help. We cater a solution that is right for you and considers features, size, timefames and budget.

5. What about our IP?

Files are located on our secure Cloud located in Australia. Clients receive ALL source files once a project is completed so they can choose to maintain the content in house. By using Articulate, or any authoring software outside your LMS, you always have freedom to move and full control of your content and IP.

6. How do you ensure quality?

As the product is being developed, we continually analyse and evaluate, so that at any point if a change needs to occur, it can happen quickly and limit any risk of the project moving out of budget or time. We have fixed steps with multiple resources reviewing to ensure a quality product is provided of each version. Articulate Review simplifies and speeds up eLearning project reviews with clients and their stakeholders. It allows us to collaborate, gather and share consolidated, in-context feedback easily.

7. How do we maintain the content?

We supply all source files to clients at the completion of each project. Clients have the flexibility of maintaining their content in-house: all you need is a software licence and some basic skills in using Articulate. As the exclusive Articulate Certified Training Partner in Australia, we can tailor a training workshop to suit you. Alternatively, we can provide content updates and maintenance for you.


We are here to help, please contact us if you have any question or want to talk about how our solutions can solve your digital learning problems.

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