Certified Articulate Training

Build interactive eLearning content using the most popular award winning authoring apps from the Exclusive Certified Australia & New Zealand training partner
Articulate Storyline

Certified Articulate Storyline

Develop interactive e-Learning that works on every device using the award-winning Articulate Storyline 360 software.

Articulate 360

Certified Articulate Rise

Supercharge your development with an asset library, feedback gathering tool, and more in the Articulate 360 suite.

B Online Learning B

eLearning Design Essentials

Everything you need to design eLearning. Filled with practical activities, live sessions and on demand topics.

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We’re thrilled B Online Learning are Certified Articulate Trainers. We’ve admired the work they’ve done incorporating Articulate apps into their Master eLearning Course and know that Articulate Australia customers will benefit from their Articulate expertise.
Mark Schwartz, Executive VP, Articulate

Articulate® Storyline 360 Training

Articulate® Storyline is ideal for people who want to create any type of interactivity imaginable. Storyline includes slide layers, triggers and states – the features that let you create amazing interactions without programming. Choose a level that suits your skills.

Articulate Storyline Basic

2 day workshop or live virtual sessions

Provides everything you need to begin building highly interactive e-learning modules in Articulate Storyline 360 that can be published and delivered to meet a variety of needs and play on a variety of devices.

$1,500 ex gst

Articulate Storyline Advanced

1 day workshop or live virtual sessions

Designed for those who have already attended the Basic Articulate® Storyline 360 training, or have mastered those skills. In the Advanced training, we’ll explore even more options to help take your courses to the next level. We teach a practical approach for using Conditional Triggers and Variables to help design complex learning modules. You’ll also get to experiment with creative interactions using dials and sliders, and explore the use of motion and shape intersection triggers, that make motion paths the perfect tool for unique presentations and gaming.

$850 ex gst

Articulate Storyline Expert

3 day workshop or live virtual sessions 

This is a discounted option when you choose both the Basic and Advanced program.

$2,000 ex gst

Articulate Storyline Master

3 x 3.5 hour live virtual sessions

This B Online Learning workshop is for people that have completed the Certified Articulate Storyline Basic and Advanced training and want to gain a deeper knowledge of Articulate Storyline and its capability.  We take the building blocks of Storyline to the next level.  Get practice files to take away with you to create your own high level content.

$1000 ex gst

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Certified Articulate Storyline Training

Certified Articulate Rise Training

Articulate® Rise 360 Training

1 day workshop or live virtual session

Dedicated to all things Articulate 360. Learn and build complete modules using Rise 360.

  • Using Articulate® 360 tools to add to your Rise courses – Content Library 360, Peek 360, and Replay 360
  • Learn which tool to use when
  • Walk away with a deeper understanding of the award-winning Articulate® suite of tools.

$850 ex gst

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eLearning Design Essentials

Live Virtual Sessions + 12 months access to on demand courses
Learn how to design, develop and deliver eLearning from the experts. Extend your knowledge, skills and gain experience in best practice eLearning using Birch Learning Platform and Articulate 360.

Live Virtual Sessions

2 X 4.5 hour live virtual sessions through Zoom presented by Matt Blackstock, Learning Manager.

Topics covered:

  • Defining good eLearning
  • Instructional Design
  • Using a Team Approach for Development
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Building a Visual Design Concept
  • Writing Learning Objectives for Online Courses
  • Converting Content to eLearning
  • Using a Learning Model
  • Assessing Performance and Questioning Techniques
  • Storyboarding Techniques
  • Building and Reviewing eLearning
  • Techniques to Build Learner Motivation

On Demand

Explore courses about designing, developing and delivering eLearning that include videos, resources, practical activities and templates, updated continuously.

Latest Technologies

Access the course in Birch Learning Platform. Take the opportunity to gain valuable experience using the world’s most popular eLearning apps – Articulate 360.

$1000 ex gst

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eLearning design essentials

Workshop Delivery Options

Choose from a range of approaches to suit your requirements

Open Enrolment

Held regularly in major cities around Australia and New Zealand. Check out our schedule and register online to secure your place.


Jump online from anywhere! Our interactive webinars are delivered in Australian Eastern Standard times via Zoom.

Client Dedicated

Have one of our Certified Articulate Trainers deliver a dedicated workshop just for your team, either at your workplace or virtually.

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Meet Our Certified Articulate Trainers

Experienced and qualified team combine their love of helping others and eLearning content development for our clients
Matt Blackstock
15 years experience, Diploma of TAA, Diploma eLearning, Bachelor of Arts
Matt BlackstockLearning Manager
Ben Saunders
20 years experience, qualified in management, eLearning, training and assessment
Ben SaundersSolution Manager

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Frequently asked questions

Contact us if you have any questions

1. Are there other Certified Articulate providers?

Certified Articulate TrainerB Online Learning are the only Certified Articulate provider in Australia and New Zealand. To see the full list of global Certified Articulate trainers visit Articulate’s website here. Working closely with the owners and developers of Articulate, Yukon Learning designs, develops, and delivers the Certified Articulate training program, as well as manages the certification of Articulate’s global partners like B Online Learning. This global partnership enables us to deliver the same Articulate Certified training to corporations with teams located around the world. Look out for the logo that identifies an Articulate Certified partner.

2. What Articulate Software training do you offer?

B Online Learning offer training in all Articulate software:

  • Articulate Storyline – 360 and 3
  • Articulate 360 – Rise and the other apps

3. Which Articulate Storyline Workshop should I choose?

There are 3 options to choose for Articulate Storyline, either Basic, Advanced or Expert.  For those that are new to the software or need to build on existing skills, or find there are some gaps in their understanding of the software, choose the Basic Workshop.  The Advanced Workshop is for those that have completed the Basic Workshop or have equivalent skills, ie are proficient in utilising the software regularly, and are looking at taking their skills to the next level.  The Expert Workshop consists of both the Basic and Advanced Workshops and is offered at a reduced rate.

4. Which Articulate Storyline version is the training suitable for?

The Articulate Certified Storyline Workshops are suitable for users of all Storyline versions.  Whether it be Storyline 360, Storyline 3 or Storyline 2 you’ll find these workshops ideal.

5. What training delivery options are there?

B Online Learning is the exclusive Articulate Certified Trainer in Australia and New Zealand. We deliver face-to-face workshops in capital cities regularly and virtually through Zoom.  There is also an onsite delivery option where training is delivered at your organisation’s premises.  Contact us for pricing on our workshop delivery options.  For information on our upcoming Open Enrolment event dates please visit here.

6. What if I don’t have the software?

If you don’t have Articulate software yet that’s no problem as free-trials are available which are suitable for use during the workshops.  If you are looking to purchase Articulate software, B Online Learning is an authorised reseller and can assist with purchase.

7. What do I need to bring?

The F2F workshops are hands-on and interactive, so each learner is required to provide their own laptop with the relevant Articulate application either subscription or trial already loaded.  We can supply a laptop if organised 2 business days prior to the day of training for $50 a day.  We also supply a lunch voucher for F2F workshops.

8. Do you provide post training support?

Yes, B Online Learning always provide complimentary post training support to participants. Our Certified Trainers , the only ones in Australia, are available via email and phone to help with any problem you may have with your eLearning. You will also gain membership to the B Online Learning LinkedIn Alumni with over 800 eLearning experts and professionals from around the world.

9. What is the cost and how do I register?

To register a place on any of our training visit our schedule here, search upcoming sessions by date and location and register and pay online or get in touch for discounted dedicated client workshops.  Prices quoted are GST exclusive.

Certified Articulate Storyline

  • Basic $1,500
  • Advanced $750
  • Expert $2,000
  • Master $900

Certified Articulate Rise 360

  • $750

eLearning Design Essentials

  • $900

Multiple Participants

5% discount for 5+ participants.

10. What payment options are there?

Payment for registration must be received prior to the workshop commencement date to confirm your place and secure your attendance. Payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard or AMEX securely online when you register.  There is a 3% surcharge for AMEX. Alternatively, you can pay by direct deposit or by credit over the phone.  Details for these options can be found on the B Online Learning Invoice that you receive. We also can issue an invoice to your company.

Visit our blog to learn more about eLearning content development, design and using Articulate apps.
What Can Articulate 360 Training Do For Me?

When you get Certified Articulate training from B Online learning, you can leverage the software suite to provide you with a set of apps so you can create any type of eLearning content you have in mind. Two of the most popular eLearning authoring apps are Articualte Storyline and Articulate Rise.

Overview of Articulate Rise 360

Compared to Articulate Storyline, the Articulate Rise 360 eLearning platform is a web-based course builder intended to allow users to develop their courses for any online device. It provides people with intuitive features that can be used directly on a web browser with no software downloads needed.

With Articulate Rise, you can leverage the following benefits:

  • Real-time collaboration: The Rise web app lets you bring in team members who can help create and make changes to various lessons simultaneously. Meanwhile, all of the changes happen in real-time so that everyone on the same task will always work on the latest version available.
  • Create responsive eLearning: Rise lets you develop beautiful and responsive eLearning modules using the latest technologies online. Its built-in compatibility will automatically transform courses that you make so that they can be used on any device.
  • Develop your courses online: You can build and structure all of your courses online directly using your web browser with the intuitive features of Rise. No software downloads are necessary and lessons can be dragged and rearranged easily using the web app.
  • Preview your output: With Rise, you can preview entire courses or single lessons before you push them live for your learners. This feature lets you see how your modules look on various devices and whether or not they meet your needs.

Looking to become an expert with Articulate Rise 360? Take advantage of our experience as certified trainers. We can provide you with comprehensive Articulate training that will cater to your level of expertise with the platform.

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Benefits of Becoming an Articulate 360 Expert
You Can Develop Multi-Device Courses

The tools that come with the Articulate 360 suite such as Storyline 360 and Rise 360 are designed to work together. They allow you to have the necessary features so you can take on any project and for all devices.

Whether you want to create a responsive course in just minutes or develop a fully immersive, interactive course for your learners, Articulate 360 training will help you become an expert.

You Get to Save Time and Money on Visual Assets

Articulate 360 comes with its own content library where you can get all the visual design assets you need. With this asset warehouse and our in-depth Articulate training, you can create customised templates to quickly create courses in minutes.

You Can Continue Developing Your eLearning Skills

We make sure that you can get the most out of your Articulate 360 training online by providing you with in-depth knowledge from our certified trainers. Our experts are open to teaching you their techniques and will answer any questions you have so you can continue to develop your eLearning skills.

Get Professional Articulate 360 Training Online

At B Online Learning, we have a team of Articulate experts who will provide virtual training sessions to people who are interested in becoming experts with Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise. You and your team can learn and eventually master the core functionalities that make the Articulate 360 software one of the best eLearning authoring software today.

Our Articulate 360 training workshops are designed to enable you to develop online learning programs that are interactive and impactful to your audience. It is our goal to equip all of our applicants with the knowledge they need to author device-compatible courses, source visual assets, and enhance their development skills.

B Online Learning holds open enrolment regularly in major cities in Australia and New Zealand. You can check out our schedule to see which dates are suitable for you and sign up to secure your spot.

It’s time for you to improve your eLearning authoring skills. Register and take part in our exclusive Certified Articulate 360 training today.

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