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"We are thrilled B Online Learning are certified Articulate trainers. We’ve admired the work they’ve done incorporating Articulate software into their Master eLearning Course and know that Articulate Australia customers will benefit from their Articulate expertise,” Mark Schwartz, Executive VP, Articulate

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Get beginner, advanced, and expert training on Articulate from the Exclusive Certified Training Partner. Available in Australia, NZ, client onsite and online.

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Open enrolment workshops in capital cities

On Site

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Live sessions via webinar

2 days


This training provides everything you need to begin building highly interactive eLearning modules with Articulate Storyline that can be published and delivered to meet a variety of needs and play on a variety of devices.

This course is offered either as:
• 2 day open enrolment workshop delivered in capital cities
• 4 X 2 hour (8 hours) live online sessions delivered using GoToWebinar
• Client on site

Topics include:

This training is designed for those who have already attended the Basic Articulate® Storyline training, or have mastered those skills. In the Advanced training, we’ll explore even more options to help take your courses to the next level. We teach a practical approach for using Conditional Triggers and Variables to help design complex learning modules. You’ll also get to experiment with creative interactions using dials and sliders, and explore the use of motion and shape intersection triggers, that make motion paths the perfect tool for unique presentations and gaming.

This course is offered either as:
• 1 day open enrolment workshop delivered in capital cities
• 2 X 2 hour (4 hours) live online sessions
• Client on site

Topics include:

Articulate® 360 Training is dedicated to all things Articulate 360. You’ll learn and build complete modules using Rise, as well as supplement these modules with additional content using the Articulate® 360 tools - Peek and Replay. You’ll learn which tool to use when, and walk away with a deeper understanding of the award-winning Articulate® suite of tools.

This course is offered either as:
• 1 day open enrolment workshop delivered in capital cities
• 2 X 2 hour (4 hours) live online sessions delivered using GoToWebinar
• Client on site

Topics include:
RISE 360

B Online Learning's eLearning Design Essentials was adapted from our award winning Master eLearning Course. It's designed to give you all the fundamental tools needed to ensure your eLearning is a ‘hit’. Filled with practical activities and resources, this event will give you everything you need to upgrade your eLearning design skills to the next level.

This course is offered either as:
• 2 days open enrolment workshop delivered in capital cities
• 4 X 2 hour (4 hours) live online sessions delivered using GoToWebinar
• Client on site

1. How to set your course up for the highest level of success before you even start developing.
2. How to project manage your module, to ensure everyone who needs to be involved is, and to support relationships across the project team.
3. How to take a bunch of content and break it down, to develop engaging eLearning, with the right level of interactivity and addresses identified learning gaps.
4. How to show the all-important ‘Return on Investment’ to your stakeholders, the most valuable evidence to provide to a client or manager that proves your expertise

• Defining good eLearning
• Instructional Design
• Techniques to Build Learner Motivation
• Using a Team Approach for Development
• Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
• Building a Visual Design Concept
• Writing Learning Objectives for Online Courses
• Convert Content to eLearning
• Using a Learning Model
• Assessing Performance and Questioning Techniques
• Storyboarding Techniques
• Building and Reviewing eLearning

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We are the only Certified Articulate trainers in Australia & New Zealand

Ruth McElhone

Ruth, originally a school teacher, completed her Masters degree in eLearning at Dublin City University and has lectured and coached about educational technologies and eLearning for the last 10 years at conferences and universities. Ruth has a passion for new technologies, social collaboration strategies and the impact they have on learning. Ruth was awarded LearnX Platinum for BEST ONLINE FACILITATOR and BEST TRAINER Sydney Region NSW DET Awards for delivery of our Master eLearning Course.
Learning Director-B Online Learning

Matt Blackstock

Matt strives for engagement in his designs, by using real life scenarios, working with specific learning outcomes and positive user experiences. His 15 years experience includes building scenarios, gamification, quizzing, story based learning, LMS configuration as well as the delivery and assessment of online in the VET sector. Qualifications include Diploma of Training & Assessment, Diploma of E-Learning, Bachelor of Arts.
Creative Designer-B Online Learning

Ben Saunders

For the past 15 years Ben has been immersed in the world of learning and communication (and training and development), from planning and design to build and implementation, from both the client and vendor perspectives. His experience bridges the gaps between business expectations, technology and learning theory. Ben is qualified in management and training and assessment and has trained many organisations in using Articulate.
Solutions Manager-B Online Learning

What our clients say

Informative, engaging and entertaining

Thanks for the informative, engaging and entertaining Articulate Storyline Workshop last week. Ben is a great facilitator.



Great workshop

Ruth was cluey, thought like a trainer and is obviously passionate about education.


Australian Institute of Social Relations

Awesome support

Been handed the tank to prepare material using Storyline, so from zero experience I am confident in this new tank.



All class

Thank you I enjoyed the webinar, Ben's teaching style was all class. Ive learned more from Ben in 2 hours on one day than in 70 hours over 3 years watching other providers videos. In fact 95% of what I learned Ben taught in the first 45 minutes which in any ones terms is excellent.



Very informative

The course helped me to easily navigate Storyline and develop content immediately.



Fantastic Course

Well delivered, progressive & well timed. Being able to create an e-module for training staff which I see as the direction our company is headed and I as a trainer needs to be ready for.



Thanks for a fantastic week

I enjoyed the entire training program and am already putting the newly learnt skills to good use in my workplace!



Thanks it was fantastic

I am so excited to start using my new and improved skills! It was great to meet other industry colleagues who have varied levels of experience and exposure to share tips and tools




The mix of demonstrations and activities was perfect. It was all relevant and very useful. Thanks Ruth, it was a valuable two days!



Everyone was completely blown away

Ben was brilliant at explaining the content and answering any questions. I am so excited to start using the product. My brain is a buzz with ideas… got to put them into action now


King & Wood Mallesons

Great course, great facilitator!

The course was extremely interactive and pressure free I had a great 3 days.



Excellent Presenter

Ruth was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Great info, excellent course, very worthwhile. Lots of little tips to work faster, love lightboxes and variables.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there other Certified Articulate providers and what does it mean?

B Online Learning are the only Certified Articulate provider in Australia and New Zealand. To see the full list of global Certified Articulate trainers visit Articulate’s website here.

Working closely with the owners and developers of Articulate, Yukon Learning designs, develops, and delivers the Certified Articulate training program, as well as manages the certification of Articulate’s global partners like B Online Learning.

This global partnership enables us to deliver the same Articulate Certified training to corporations with teams located around the world.

Look out for the logo that identifies an Articulate Certified partner.

2. What Articulate Software training do you offer?

B Online Learning offer training in all Articulate software:

  • Articulate Storyline – all versions
  • Articulate 360 – Rise and the other apps
  • Articulate Studio – all versions

3. Which Articulate Storyline Workshop should I choose?

There are 3 options to choose for Articulate Storyline, either Basic, Advanced or Expert.  For those that are new to the software or need to build on existing skills, or find there are some gaps in their understanding of the software, choose the Basic Workshop.  The Advanced Workshop is for those that have completed the Basic Workshop or have equivalent skills, ie are proficient in utilising the software regularly, and are looking at taking their skills to the next level.  The Expert Workshop consists of both the Basic and Advanced Workshops and is offered at a reduced rate.

4. Which Articulate Storyline version is the training suitable for?

The Articulate Certified Storyline Workshops are suitable for users of all Storyline versions.  Whether it be Storyline 360, Storyline 3 or Storyline 2 you’ll find these workshops ideal.

5. What training delivery options are there?

B Online Learning is the exclusive Articulate Certified Trainer in Australia and New Zealand. We deliver face-to-face workshops in capital cities regularly and online programs via webinars.  There is also the onsite delivery option where training is delivered at your organisation’s premises.  Contact us for pricing on our workshop delivery options.  For information on our upcoming Open Enrolment event dates please visit here.

6. What if I don’t have the software?

If you don’t have Articulate software yet that’s no problem as free-trials are available which are suitable for use during the workshops.  If you are looking to purchase Articulate software, B Online Learning is an authorised reseller and can assist with purchase.

7. What do I need to bring?

The workshops are hands-on and interactive, so each learner is required to provide their own laptop with the relevant Articulate software loaded on to it.  We can supply a laptop if organised prior to the day of training for a fee.  We also supply all the learning materials and lunch for our open enrolment workshops.

8. Do you provide post training support?

Yes, B Online Learning always provide complimentary post training support to participants. Our Certified Trainers , the only ones in Australia, are available via email and phone to help with any problem you may have with your eLearning.

9. What is the cost?

The following costs exclude GST:

Articulate Storyline

  • Basic $1,200
  • Advanced $600
  • Expert $1,500

Articulate 360

  • $500

eLearning Design Essentials

  • $900

10. What payment options are there?

Payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard directly online when you register.  Alternatively, you can pay by direct deposit or by credit over the phone.  Details for these options can be found on the B Online Learning Invoice that you receive. We also can issue an invoice to your company. Payments for registration must be received prior to the workshop commencement date to confirm your place and secure your attendance.

We're here to help

Please call 02 9571 6888 if you have any questions or if you’re interested in a onsite workshop, we have an Articulate training or eLearning solution for you.


Terms and Conditions

  • B Online Learning reserves the right to cancel a workshop no less than 7 days ahead of schedule. If we cancel, you are entitled to a full refund.
  • No refund if cancelled within 14 days.
  • 50% refund if cancelled 14 days prior to start.
  • 100% refund if cancelled 30 days prior to start.
  • Full payment confirms enrolment.

Includes participation, lunch for workshops, extensive workbook, post training support, practice files and access to our Alumni group.