Designing for eLearning 101

One of the most important things we need when designing anything is Inspiration.  Where do we get our ideas from for a design?  How do we get creative? Everyone is creative at their core.  Even those who don’t think they are. The crux of creativity is having the courage to explore,...

Ways That Birch Provides Better Microlearning Experiences

In our previous posts, we explained what microlearning is and is not and then how to build it using the award winning Articulate apps. Here are a few ways Birch Learning Platform moves beyond out-dated Learning Management Systems to deliver microlearning that create better learning experiences. 1. Beautiful Experience Every...

4 Secrets The eLearning Industry Don’t Want You To Know

In the 15 years we've been in the eLearning industry, we've noticed quite a few different opinions on learning technology. Here are a few secrets we thought we should let you know about, that could save you time and money in the long run. 1. LMS built-in eLearning content authoring...

Are Your Compromising On Learning Innovation?

The rapid momentum of technological advancement means that by the time we come to understand and appreciate current technologies, those same technologies are out of date and have been replaced by something new and less understood. Consider ERP systems and the shift happening now to next gen learning platforms that...
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