learning styles

Using Learning Style Models in eLearning

Learning design is all about designing the right learning for the right audience, catering for different learning styles and maximising the opportunities for effective learning. Effective learning design helps create engagement, and leads to emotional and intellectual connection with content to build practical, valuable skills which can be immediately applied...

How to Reduce Cognitive Load in eLearning

In our previous post, we looked at the fundamentals of cognitive load theory. In summary, to assist learners in transferring information from their working memory to their long-term memory, we need to present the information in such a way that it reduces extraneous cognitive load (non-relevant items) and, if possible,...
cognitive load

Applying Cognitive Load Theory Results in Efficient Learning

Research into our cognitive architecture has led to the development of Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) and related guidelines which, when applied, results in more efficient learning. It’s widely accepted that our memory system consists of three components – a sensory memory that receives information from our surroundings, a working memory...
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How Birch Learning Platform Caters for Internal and External Users

Webinar 1pm (AEDT) 3 December 2020 - Join Ben to see how Birch is designed to make it easy for everyone – learners, administrators, managers and educators.  He will explore just a few of the exciting features that makes learning feel natural again. Register here. Often organisation's learning management system or...
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