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3 eLearning Design Goals – Visualise, Gamify and Personalise

I recently spoke at an eLearning forum on eLearning design trends which made me reflect on where I’m currently at with my elearning design and how I can create more meaningful elearning experiences for the people who take my courses. Visualise the Story One of the themes of the forum...

Easily Convert Adobe Flash eLearning to HTML

With the Adobe Flash cutoff date December 2020 approaching it's time to update content that was built using Adobe Flash or published with some Flash components.  Articulate users only need to republish the old content as HTML with the latest version of Articulate and your problems are solved.  For others...

Creating Questions in Articulate Storyline

Assessments are a critical and intrinsic part of good training practice. Not only for online learning but face to face as well. Assessments form the cornerstone of our ability to tell if our audience has firstly received the message but more importantly, that they can apply the key points of...
eLearning design

Designing for eLearning 101

One of the most important things we need when designing anything is Inspiration.  Where do we get our ideas from for a design?  How do we get creative? Everyone is creative at their core.  Even those who don’t think they are. The crux of creativity is having the courage to explore,...
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