Make learning feel natural

With unmatched flexibility, powerful reporting, simple management and an intuitive user experience, Birch Learning Platform will bring out your people’s natural talent for learning.
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Seamless learning for all audiences

Intuitive dashboards

Easily learn, action, administer and manage all types of learning with a personalised experience

Extended enterprise

Create communities for every audience with branding, learning paths, reporting and authentication.

Easy automation

Give your administrators a system they will love! Get more work done faster with automated workflow.

Actionable reporting

Get more out of your data and reports. Birch’s actionable reporting lets the user interact with the data.

Built to be connected

Use APIs or webhooks to integrate with your applications. Authenticate using single sign on.

Scalable and truly secure

Built from the ground up with best-in-class core technologies, powered by AWS to scale confidently.

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Enjoy Australia's easiest learning management system


Designed to make it easy for everyone

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Delightful Learner Experience

Ready to grow your knowledge and branch out in your career? Birch offers flexible, dynamic learning on your terms. You can even incorporate your external educational activities. With goal-setting and tracking features, you can see how you’re progressing and set yourself up for success.
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Birch learning platform

Actionable Manager Experience

Inspiring your organisation to embrace learning is a big job, so you need a platform that makes it easy. Birch empowers managers to engage with their employees, view compliance, action approval requests, enrol users and drill down into reports across teams and the organisation.
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Enhanced Trainer Experience

Simple to create, view, manage and assess all types of learning events.
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learning platform LMS

Powerful Administrator Experience

Deploying learning programs in your organisation can be complex. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Easily automate course workflows, learning paths, goal progression, event management, annual compliance and renewals, reporting and more.
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Discover our off-the-shelf content

Build your content library in minutes! Birch has ready-made courses covering over 60 topics. Included with every Birch Learning Platform subscription, to upskill your team faster.
Birch LMS security will give you peace of mind

Enterprise-grade security, privacy and reliability

Built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. We’re committed to ensuring industry best practice is embedded in our teams and partners processes to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements.
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Delivered by a trusted partner in learning

We’ll work with you to unlock the learning potential of your
organisation and help you to achieve your goals.

Australia’s No. 1 Learning Platform and Learning Management System

The Birch learning management system (LMS) is considered to be the no. 1 in Australia because it provides users with advanced features for learners, administrators, managers, and trainers. for a productive learning experience. It offers unparalleled flexibility and insightful reporting all in a simple and easy-to-use learning platform.

If you want your employee training efforts to succeed, you need an intuitive LMS eLearning platform that has all the features you need right out of the box.

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What to Expect From Birch Online Learning Platform
Intuitive Dashboards

Modern learning management systems are capable of providing learners with training content based on their needs.

With the intuitive dashboards of Birch, we provide our users with only the most important datasets directly on our LMS interface. This allows learners to see how they progress each time they check the learning management system.

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Extended Enterprise

Birch offers extended enterprise learning features that allow companies to provide their external learners with the training they need to improve. This could be training content designed for distribution partners, suppliers, or resellers.

The main purpose of extended enterprise capabilities in an LMS is to ensure that those working outside of your corporate structure are knowledgeable about the vision, ethics, and solutions of your company.

Besides improving sales and the overall profitability of an organisation, extended enterprise learning can also:

  • Reduce corporate expenditures
  • Develop sound branding
  • Drive increased revenue
  • Minimise risks
  • Improve business processes

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Easy Automation

Any experienced learning platform administrator knows that manually assigning learning tasks can become a logistical dilemma. This is particularly important since the learning needs of each individual involved will change constantly.

For example, employees who have recently been promoted will need new sets of courses assigned to help with their onboarding and getting used to their new roles. Such a requirement has to be implemented as soon as possible, making manual assignment designation impractical.

With a highly automated learning management system like Birch, a single administrator can perform tasks equivalent to a thousand clicks. The automatic features of this smart platform are among the reasons why it’s considered the no.1 LMS in Australia.

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Actionable Reporting

Since the purpose of an LMS eLearning platform is to help directors and managers like you run digital training, then the reason for LMS reporting is to show if your efforts are effective.

LMS reporting is a method of gathering and analysing data within a learning management system to help users monitor their training processes. You can think of it like the analytics of the LMS that will tell you what you need to do to improve your existing results.

With the actionable reports you can get from Birch, you can access essential metrics that will let you measure your online learning while assessing the performance of your learners.

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Built to Be Connected

The integration of training in the workplace has become the norm nowadays. If you want to stay competitive, you want to ensure your training processes are streamlined while providing comprehensive and contextually relevant learning.

One of the best ways a learning management system can promote engagement and ease of use is by having the ability to work with other systems that can improve the overall user experience. That’s why Birch incorporates APIs (application program interfaces) and webhooks that will serve as branches that connect your existing apps with our advanced learning platform.

Authentication is simple and straightforward when you link your applications to Birch. We have single sign-on options you can use to make logging in seamless.

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Scalable and Truly Secure

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the best scalability solutions available for their needs. One of our top priorities when we launched our learning platform was to provide a means for companies to scale with the constantly changing technology and global industries.

As a longtime partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), our Birch learning management system is designed to grow dynamically with businesses. Their developments involving the cloud allow our system to be highly flexible according to modern best practices and changes.

With the cloud being more widely used, the team behind AWS guarantees that all of its customers receive top-notch security. In fact, they support a higher number of compliance certifications and security standards than any other provider.

By using AWS, we can continue providing our users with the LMS they need that can scale with their requirements while providing the security they need as they grow.

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Leverage a Simple Yet Powerful Learning Platform

As one of the recognised industry leaders in Australia for online learning solutions, we can help you develop a learning culture in your organisation that incorporates the following elements:

  • Smart and intuitive technologies
  • High-quality training content
  • Practical tools
  • Expert guidance
  • In-depth community support

We have led government agencies, companies, and various other organisations throughout Australia towards success by providing them with the best LMS eLearning platform. Together, we have created amazing learning experiences with countless employees that have allowed organisations to increase productivity, minimise expenditures, and improve motivation.

Our more than 15 years of providing learning management solutions to our clients have allowed us to gain industry experience that we apply to our platform directly.

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By choosing Birch Learning Platform, we’ll help you plan your upcoming online training by knowing more about you and your organisation. You can easily change our LMS to work for you and provide for your needs.

If you want to know more about the no.1 LMS in Australia, get in touch today.

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