How to Truly Excite People to Learn

  The shift in technology expectations has been manifested by a shift in personal perceptions of the role of technology. At the start, it was all about adapting to the technology, now technology needs to adapt to you. Learning technology has been part of this evolution and its capabilities and...

Things To Consider in a New Learning Management System

When transitioning to new a learning platform or even getting ready for a complete transformation of your learning program and embracing learning technology for the first time; there are a few different perspectives that should be considered to ensure the goals of your organisation are met and you’re getting real...

Components of xAPI Statements

xAPI statements need to conform to an “I did this” structure. Since each leaning event being tracked means that the learner has done something. When a learner does something a “statement” is sent to the Learning Record System (LRS) that contains these three components: The Actor is an individual or group...

xAPI for Beginners

The definition of learning in Google dictionary is “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.”.  Even under the three basic headings of study, experience and being taught we can group most events in any given hour, on any given day, week, month or year and...
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