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Compliance eLearning for
Birch Learning Platform

Using cutting edge responsive design to provide a turnkey learning solution, the complimentary Birch eLearning catalogue delivers a perfect experience for everyone across all devices. Featuring, media, interactions, workplace scenarios, bookmarking and knowledge checks. Kept up to date with the latest legislative changes to ensure your organisation meets its compliance requirements.

All About Birch

Like the tree it’s named after, Birch is adaptable, pioneering and promises growth and renewal.

Make learning feel natural again.

With unmatched flexibility, simple management and an intuitive user experience,
Birch will bring out your people’s natural talent for learning.

Learning Management System

Learning Record Store

Learning Experience Platform

Key Components


Goals are made up of elements which a user completes to maintain compliance or achieve completion. Use goals to easily control the flow from one element to another.


Elements are learning activities such as SCORM, reading a file, on the job assessment, watching a video, attending a workshop/class, taking an assessment, manager signoff, completing surveys with various types of results.


Remove the limits of traditional user and course structure. Connect things together in a way that works for you. Create dynamic target audiences, automate compliance, group users, make teams, build workflows, and enhance reporting.


Amplify reporting, simplify searching, showcase featured learning activities and enhance reports. Add tags to Users, Goals, Elements and Connections.

User Experience
Simple, natural and intuitive.

No need for extra training. Your learners and administrators can simply log in and understand what needs to be done and how to do it.

Powerful information at your fingertips.

Informative dashboards will provide users and managers with information relevant to them and their teams related to their learning and rewards. Easily see news, notifications, and quickly action activities right from your personal dashboard.

A Few Features

Interactive Dashboards

Perform actions directly from your dashboard, based on your profile, such as learner, manager, trainer, administrator. Its gives a simple overview of your team, empowers managers to engage with their employees, view compliance, action approval requests, enrol learners into goals and more.

Actionable Reporting

Build the reports you want, with the data you need, but do more with it. Actionable reporting lets the user interact with the data. Drill down into user profiles, send messages to users from compliance reports and more.

Native xAPI / LRS / SCORM

With an LRS built in, we ensure you have everything you need when you’re ready to start embracing the power of xAPI. Our SCORM Engine is SCORM Certified and ADL Certified.

Scalable and Truly Secure

There’s no need to worry if you have 250 users or 100,000+ users. Easily scale to ensure you always have a fast and responsive experience for all your users. And you can be sure your data is safe. We encrypt everything in transit and at rest to keep your data safe and sound.

Built to be connected

Use our API to integrate with HR systems, enable Single Sign On (SSO), or even sync data with the rest of your organisations systems.

Cloud / SaaS

Hosted on one of the world’s best cloud networks. Nothing to install and no special hardware needed. We also ensure your data is located in a geographic location that makes sense for your business.

Your Data, Your Way

We don’t hold your data hostage. If we capture it, you can get access to it. Use either our APIs or simple data extractions to get to your data and do what you want with it – sync with other systems or connect to your existing.


Give your administrators a system they will love! Alleviate a lot of administrative overhead by leveraging our unique connection model and automation. Easily automate course workflows, learning paths, goal progression, annual compliance and renewals, reporting, and more.

and much more...

Birch Learning Platform adapts to your ecosystem.

Every organisation is different, so it makes sense to choose a
learning platform that adapts to your company’s needs – not the other way around.

Refreshingly Configurable

Connect elements together in a way that works for you. Tailor your learning solution with four key components.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Enjoy a simplified, transparent pricing structure that takes the complexity out of justifying costs and tracking value.

Premium Support

No need for choosing your support option. Every one of our customers receives the same premium support. Access our world-class support team within your timezone over the phone, email, or chat. It's as simple as that.

Easy and Quick Setup

Spend less time and money on the setup of your learning solution and more time building engaging learning programs.

Easy to use and flexible.

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