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B Online Learning’s Master eLearning Course is designed to bring together the technical aspects of eLearning with the principles of adult learning with hands on practical application. Let’s take a closer look at why the MEC proved so popular in the past and why B Online Learning have relaunched it.

Why choose Master eLearning Course?

  1. Provides a holistic view of designing, developing and delivering an eLearning project
  2. Shows current and best practices and utilises a wide range of both formal and informal eLearning approaches which you can choose to apply back in the workplace
  3. Is learner centred which provides important insights into how your future learners may feel completing training online
  4. Build a fully functional eLearning course for use in your workplace, utilising our expert advice
  5. Takeaway latest templates, tools and tips and knowledge for successfully implementing eLearning projects in any size organisation

Our aim is to dispel the myth of eLearning and place it in the hands of subject matter experts and workplace teams. Almost any program currently being delivered as face to face programs can easily be converted to eLearning. In fact the need for “bells and whistles” and complicated, expensive eLearning extravaganzas is what was stifling the uptake of eLearning.

There is however a need for this type of eLearning, but we believe that in the majority of cases of eLearning being delivered in organisations today, such as induction and compliance programs, can be easily developed in house with a rapid approach to eLearning and some assistance and advice up front from eLearning experts such as B Online Learning.

However the difference with the MEC is it is not just about designing and developing an eLearning course. Many people do not understand how the different technologies combine to create an eLearning environment and what is actually necessary to deliver a successful eLearning program. We get questions all the time like; what does a Learning Management System or LMS do? Do I need an LMS? So we explore the different eLearning technologies such as LMS, authoring tools, social networking and collaboration, and webinars and also give advice on what to look for when purchasing this technology.

Learners extend their knowledge, skills and gain experience in best practice eLearning using Birch Learning Platform and Articulate 360.

But having invested all time, energy and money into developing the eLearning program, delivering it successfully is the final step and one that is often overlooked. Establishing a change management program, evaluating what worked and what didn’t for continuous improvement and building a network that will support and drive the program are just some factors that need to be considered.

Individuals and organisations want flexibility with their eLearning. They don’t want to be locked into providers that have access to their intellectual property, don’t allow their courses to be used with other systems, and not be able to take their courses to other providers in the future. So developing eLearning in house or with a provider who gives clients all the source material, and with the world’s most popular authoring apps, Articulate360, is an attractive option.

Organisations also realise they can reduce their energy use and carbon footprint by providing an eco-friendly alternative to classroom-based training. Green eLearning can bring training to organisations’ desktops without the trainer cost, travel time and facility hire associated with traditional learning and F2F based training.

What are the success factors of the Master eLearning Course?

For an eLearning program to be successful it must be collaborative, engaging and interactive. Our course focuses on motivating learners to engage with others in an online collaborative model using latest technologies. Because people learn from one another, our programs aim to connect learners with experts, colleagues and professional peers, both in and outside their organisation.

By adapting activities from the traditional face to face events and adding imaginative ideas that take advantage of the unique online technologies, you can create eLearning courses that will excite and engage your workforce. And, by including a variety of interactive eLearning experiences, you should be able to improve retention rates, increase learner participation, achieve your learning objectives, develop online learning communities, and ensure that your online courses engage learners, regardless of the course topic.

To effectively meet the needs of diverse learners, the eLearning environment that you create needs to be:

  • Engaging – engagement is more important than content
  • Learner Focused – let them guide their learning
  • Collaborative – learn from experts and peers

eLearning is a different way of learning from the traditional workshop approach. Many people, including training and learning managers, express concerns about how eLearning will meet the needs of their learners. The most effective program, for both traditional and eLearning, is one designed to take all learning styles into account. MEC shows you how to use various eLearning techniques to accommodate multiple learning styles.

Who should complete the Master eLearning Course, and how might it be applied in the workplace?

The course is designed for eLearning content developers, LMS administrators, subject matter experts, Articulate developers, L&D professionals, training co-ordinators, instructional designers, workplace trainers and teachers.

This course does not teach you how to be trainers or teachers. This course helps you to evaluate and transfer your existing skills to the online environment, and to develop new strategies for designing, developing and delivering online learning. During the course learners will be taken through the benefits and merits of eLearning so they can see how this applies to their workplace and how it would enhance their business processes.

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