Using Result Slides in Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline Results Slide

Results slides in Articulate Storyline 360 are much more than just ways to track course assessment or quiz results. When used correctly, they can inform the learner’s training journey, control the learner’s pathway through the content, reinforce key learnings and manage the detailed reporting required to track learner results back to a learning management system.

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Ideas on How to Use Results Slides in Articulate Storyline

In this blog, we will discuss what a result slide is and what it does, we will also talk about how to set up results slides correctly.

What are Results Slides?

Results slides give your learner dynamic feedback at the end of a quiz or assessment as to how they performed relative to an expected performance standard (i.e. pass mark or percentage). They compile the points scored and the answers registered by the learner as they progress through each question presented to them in the quiz. The results slide then compares this data with a passing score that is set when the result slide is added to the course. If the learner’s points exceed the set threshold they pass and if the points do not exceed the threshold they fail.

This determines if the learner sees a passed or failed message. The results are saved within the course and also in the transmitted back to the LMS to register the completion or fail.

How is the Result Determined?

When the result slide is added to the course Articulate Storyline creates 4 variables in the background.

  • Pass.Points – how many points the learner will need to attain based on the number of questions in the quiz and the points allocated for each correct answer to these questions
  • Pass.Percent – required pass mark for the quiz as a percentage
  • Score.Percent and Score.Points – the actual percentage result and points that were achieved by the learner.

So if the Score.Percent variable is greater than or equal to the Pass.Percent variable then the learner has passed. Articulate Storyline does all of the heavy lifting regarding the calculation of the required points to pass, what points the learner achieved as well as the comparison and calculation and it automatically creates and displays the pass or fail messaging to the learner on the results slide.

Combining results slides

Beyond just the standard capability of a results slide to calculate, store and parse back the results of a single quiz or assessment to an LMS, Articulate Storyline allows the developer more scope on how results slides can be used.

One example is a combined results slide. This is where a course might have a number of different topics, where each topic has a quiz and a results slide. You can then create one final results slide that combines the other results slides in the course to determine the overall pass or fail. If this is done, the final result slide can determine that result based on whether the learner has passed all of the topic quizzes or if the combined points from the topic quizzes exceeds a specified threshold.

Different Types of Results Slides

You can now set a results slide as a Pre Assessment, Knowledge Check or Final Assessment. The type of result slide selected affects whether the result registered by the result slide can equate to the learner successfully passing and therefore completing the course.

Pre-Assessment and Final Assessment results slides register and parse back to the LMS either a successful or unsuccessful completion of the whole course, whereas Knowledge Check Results slides do not.

Most people would be aware of what a final assessment is but a Pre-Assessment is a little different. A pre-assessment is undertaken by the learner before opening the main body of the course. If this assessment is passed then this result will be passed back to the LMS as a successful completion, therefore allowing the learner to pass the course without having to review all of the course content. This works extremely well for compliance courses that require the learners to routinely repeat and pass the courses every 12 months or so. A pre-assessment in this instance acts as an acknowledgment of prior learning for the learner, providing them with a more efficient way to complete their compliance training each year.

Setting up your Results Slide

Articulate Storyline 360 makes setting up a result slide very easy. First select the type of result slide you are adding, these can include:

  1. Graded: Choose a graded result slide when you want to track the score for the quiz.
  2. Survey: Choose a survey result slide for non-graded questions.
  3. Blank: Choose a blank result slide when you want to design the slide from scratch.
  4. Combined: Choose a combined result slide when you want to combine multiple quiz results in your course into one final result slide.

Once you have selected the type of results slide a Quiz Settings window will appear which is where you enter the details of how your result slide will work.

  1. Select the quiz type you will be inserting ie Final Assessment, Pre Assessment or a Knowledge Check. Use the drop-down list in the upper left corner of the Quiz Settings window to choose a quiz types.
  2. Select whether you are tracking the results from the questions added across your course or from other results that have been added within your course.
  3. This is an optional step where you can set a timer on your quiz which limits the amount of time your learners will have top complete the questions in your quiz.
  4. Naming your quiz will in customise the names of the variables added when the result slide is added to make it easier to identify them in the variables panel. For example, a quiz named TopicAQuiz will generate variables names TopicAQuiz.PassPercent and TopicAQuiz.ScorePoints.
  5. Select the questions (or other results slides) and pass points to the results slide you are building. By default Articulate Storyline will auto select any quiz questions that are in the scene you are adding the results slide to, but you will be able to select results slides from across your entire course.
  6. All graded quizzes and assessments need to have a passing score and step 6 is where we define this in the Quiz Settings window. The default passing score is 80% but this can be adjusted manual to reflect any passing score required.
  7. Is another optional setting that will only track results for questions that the learner actually viewed within the course. For example, you might branch learners to different questions based on their answers to previous questions, which means they could skip some questions along the way. This setting will mean that questions that have not been viewed by the learner will not be included in the passing score requirement.

Once these settings are completed, the results slide and its success and failure layers are automatically created by Articulate Storyline and inserted into the course. The variables that track the pass requirement and the learners actual score are created, along with the triggers to populate these variables and the success or fail message layer the learner will see.

In short, once you complete the quiz settings, Articulate Storyline will do the rest to build a 100% functional results slide.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Result Slides in Articulate Storyline. You may be interested in our Certified Articulate Storyline Training.

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