Using Birch Learning Platform for Microlearning


While there are many definitions for microlearning, at B Online Learning, we like to think of microlearning as “a short piece of learning, that addresses a specific practical skill, that is just ‘long enough’”.

As research has shown, human beings don’t have the greatest memories. So microlearning provides short review pieces that allow a learner to embed what they have learnt over a period of time.

In this blog, we explore how Birch Learning Platform moves beyond the outdated Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver microlearning that results in better learning experiences. For more information on the specifics of microlearning and how to build it with Articulate apps see our blog Microlearning – what is it and how can it be used in eLearning?

Five ways that Birch Learning Platform can help with microlearning:

1. Consistent and smooth experience every time

If you use a holistic modern LMS like Birch Learning Platform, you have responsiveness built in. This means that the learner gets a beautifully consistent experience whenever they want to access their microlearning, and on whatever device – smartphone, tablet, desktop. So you can get the information you need and access the ‘just in time training’ to assist a customer, client or colleague between appointments, while traveling or on the run, or when you need information immediately.

2. Searchable content

Birch provides a catalogue of microlearning that is easily searchable via title or tags helping you find exactly what you need when you need it. It’s not going to be buried in the depths of your intranet somewhere.

3. Various elements that suit your type of learning

Birch Learning Platform allows you to add various elements to a microlearning goal. Here are a few examples:

  1. Document upload. Upload the steps of a new or changed procedure as a short microlearning event (e.g. a checklist to refer to). This allows learners to download and review them when they need. If it’s new, and they’re not sure, they can download the step-by-step process to complete a procedure quickly and efficiently, and then move on with their day.
  2. Got some great best practice ideas? Or maybe some shared learnings, or peer advice you want to share? Record them as short videos and use the upload video element to convert them into microlearning modules. They can view the video on any of their devices and benefit from their colleagues work experiences and discoveries.
  3. You can even get your learners buy into quick and easy microlearning by allowing them to record and upload mini activities in response to any microlearning they have undertaken. Or they can report back on their microlearning experience with the on the job assessment form element.
  4. Use the built-in Test element to create short ‘check your understanding’ quiz or quizzes that you can use as part of spaced repetition allowing the learner to practice or embed what they have learnt over time.
  5. Easily upload SCORM or Xapi content. We showed you how to use Articulate Rise or Articulate Storyline to build microlearning. With Birch you can load it yourself and assign it to learners and external contractors or have them register themselves. It’s so easy to update your content with Articulate, so things like policies and procedures are always up to date!

4. Making compliance easy

Birch can also schedule and automatically send out follow-up learning activities, that you can use to support spaced repetition for compliance learning activities. This makes it easy for your learner to practice and embed what they are learning, without it becoming onerous. Easy admin equals happy learners! (AND happy LMS administrators, team managers, and trainers!).

5. Easy to find, easy to do, and available when the learner needs it!

The Birch compliance graph shows a learner exactly what they need to do. With a one-button quick launch for outstanding items, your learner isn’t going to be hunting for the stuff they need. It’s the first thing they see when they log on, avoiding what can be a long drawn-out search, as well as many emails, phone calls and frustration. What makes this even better is managers can also easily get a snapshot of their team and its members’ compliance score. Is anyone not compliant? Then it’s just one click to email and let them know.

It’s clear that microlearning plays a crucial role in enhancing knowledge retention and providing learners with practical, bite-sized learning opportunities for continuous skill development. Birch Learning Platform can revolutionise microlearning by offering a user-friendly and customisable experience. From searchable content and diverse learning elements to streamlined compliance and easy access, Birch empowers organisations to deliver effective microlearning.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Birch Learning Platform and how it can help with your microlearning then please get in touch with us.

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