Transforming Teacher Training: A case study in effective eLearning design and development using Articulate 360

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In May 2023, we designed and developed several eLearning modules to transform teacher training, helping the NSW Department of Education to become a global leader in education. Here’s a snapshot of the project.

What was the project?

The NSW Department of Education (DoE) tasked us with developing content for a series of interactive eLearning modules to support teacher induction for beginning teachers (teachers in their first two years of teaching) – a notoriously challenging time.

To support these teachers, DoE introduced us to Strong Start Great Teachers (SSGT) – a framework that provides information, advice, and ideas to help schools create quality induction programs. To be effective, they needed help to maximise the usage of SSGT by making the content more digestible.

How did we help?

We worked closely with subject matter experts to build the content. Our approach was driven by instructional and interactive design and adhered to best practice and adult learning principles. The process involved consultations, regular meetings, the production of a live branded design concept in Articulate Storyline followed by an iterative client review process.

The result was the end-to-end design and development of five eLearning modules and included:

  • Creation and development of short animations that visually represent key processes and concepts
  • High levels of interactivity and animation effects to engage the learners
  • Creation and development of micro-learning resources that support and reinforce aspects of the content
  • Knowledge check questions
  • Published output to SCORM to ensure learners’ completion and responses are tracked
  • WCAG 2.0 compliant to meet all accessibility requirements of the NSW Government

What were the results?

Since their launch on the Learning Management System (LMS), these five new modules had an impressive 1600+ enrolments, boasting an 80% completion rate.

We designed the eLearning modules to be:

  • Engaging, visually appealing
  • Easy to navigate
  • Offer a good range of interactive components
  • Provide good balance between ‘reading’ and ‘doing’
  • Enjoyable to complete
  • Succinct and to the point
  • Easy to adapt to different presentations (one-on-one meetings, small groups, all staff, lectures).

LearnX Diamond AwardIn a short span, the project has not only had impressive enrolment and completion rates, but. It also received a Diamond award in the eLearning project and career development category at the prestigious 2023 LearnX awards.

B Online Learning are delighted with these results. The project is a transformative stride in teacher training and shows the power of collaboration and innovative content delivery.

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