Santos & B Online Learning win 2X Platinum Awards

Sydney, Australia – B Online Learning are thrilled to announce they have won 2 LearnX Platinum awards with Santos.

Santos chose B Online Learning to improve their eLearning capacity. They were particularly looking for:

• Faster turnaround times
• More functionality and features
• Lower costs
• To have control of their own content and IP
• An Australian based vendor

Best Bespoke / Custom Learning Program

Santos embarked on a cultural change program to Unlock Performance and Potential by moving away from a systems focus, towards top priorities and ongoing conversations.

To reach Santos’ diverse, international workforce of 3500 permanent employees they developed a blended learning strategy that targeted multiple audiences (Leader and Employee), and varying contexts (Field vs Office vs. International staff). The learning methods deployed provide real time, context specific learning, including:

  • Web Portal. The new portal condensed 240 separate Performance Management documents into a “two click” shallow site ,with a ”one stop” electronic guide for download (Employee and Leader version). Success is evidenced with 2813 individual hits (80% of our employee population). Videos on motivation and articles are also available.
  • Two E Learning Modules. B Online Learning developed self-paced learning for existing employees, navigating the new Performance Management System changes using Articulate Storyline, web portal links and knowledge tests were deployed. The E modules are now mandatory for all new employees.,They are used as pre-work, for new employee inductions, and the Feedback Essentials skills workshop.  This allows for greater depth of understanding and more time for skills practice within the face to face workshops.
  • Classroom skills based learning included E Learning modules as pre-work. Our internal team designed and deliver’s a two hour feedback skills workshop, Feedback Essentials. An expanded one day coaching workshops uses IPADs to video leaders coaching and provides them with real time feedback.
  • Finally, to reach the diverse population, employee Lunch and Learn sessions were videoed and synchronized with the PowerPoint/ learning presentation, which enabled live streaming to field and international communities.

100% of Santos employees were touched by one or more of the learning initiatives. The cost per person of just $6.85 – provided a very cost effective learning program.

B Online Learning provided technology and design innovations including unique security for screen progression using Articulate Storyline variables, incorporation of Santos graphics, and development of work scenarios specific to their field and office based employees. Real time learning to test knowledge acquisition and provide feedback when users knowledge did not meet the minimum learning standard was incorporated.

Participant Feedback:

  • “Clear articulation of the change in bonus direction and the tools. Loved how this was delivered via online”
  • “The E modules for training Leaders are also good. I had a couple of guys do it ahead of the Feedback Essentials and they understood it well”
  • “Employees liked the Employee Unlocking Potential Guide, particularly the prompting questions for the different conversations”
  • “Just letting you know every hour spent on getting a clear TFD (Top Priorities) has paid off 10 fold … I feel like I’m generating greater enthusiasm whilst reinforcing accountability.”

Best eLearning Model – Online – Code of Conduct

The program has successfully delivered: accessible online code of conduct training and education, access by remote and office based employees, 24/7, accurate and reliable reporting of completion and the ability to update regularly according to legislative and legal changes.  The duration of the training was under 30 minutes. The program was extremely cost effective and exceeded all expectations of cost, budget and training time. The alternative would have involved face to face training across 12 physical locations and would have required 7 – 8 dedicated trainers; manual data entry of attendance and rollout well in excess of 3 months.

With 4500 employees and 5000 contractors the cost of the module equated to less than $1 per person to complete – very cost effective!! It exceeded budget targets with original costings for face to face delivery costed at over $450,000 which did not include contractors.

Participant Feedback

  • “Really interesting module, contemporary with some great workplace scenarios”
  • “Love the ability to be able to report on my team and their completion of the module”
  • “I found the module easy to complete and had some really good workplace examples. I liked that I could go back into it and not have to complete it in one sitting”.

B Online Learning continue to provide Santos with eLearning content development solutions.

For more information on B Online Learning eLearning development please visit this link or get in touch with us on 02 9571 6888.

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