SA Water & B Online Learning Win LearnX Platinum

platinumlogo2016Sydney, Australia – B Online Learning are pleased to announce we have won the LearnX Platinum Award for Best eLearning Adoption with SA Water.

Due to the transient and often field-based nature of many areas of SA Water, the ability of staff to physically attend face to face training sessions is sometimes difficult. SA Water was keen to make training more accessible through improved visibility of employee training completion, making materials more consistent and offering less time-consuming and effective training packages.

B Online Learning met this criteria because of the flexibility and adaptability of the systems used for both content development and learning management.

Articulate Storyline was used to develop the eLearning course content to provide highly interactive and engaging courses using both linear and non-linear concept development methodologies.  It allowed for templates to be easily created and updated to provide a more visually dynamic but consistent approach to content appearance and functionality. For SA Water, this took the form of interchangeable content colour schemes that represent SA Water’s training categories:

  • work health & safety
  • compliance
  • leadership
  • technology
  • technical and water quality
  • professional development

This approach provided the users with greater focus on the training outcomes through consistent application of interactivity and through the colour scheme changes. These elements kept the users informed of the nature of the subject and the expectation for their involvement, allowing their focus to narrow down to the actual content.

We were also able to take advantage of some other easily incorporated eLearning elements to give the content a dynamic visual appeal, this helped to create a contemporary, interactive and immersive learning experience, which included:

  • the use of layers to display objects progressively as well as using triggers and conditions that make things happen based on other events
  • the selective use of images, video files, audio files and links to websites
  • the inclusion of animated software simulations – to demonstrate the use of IT systems
  • the inclusion of real life scenarios to reinforce learning in a context that is relevant to the specific audience for the course.

B Online is also the Certified Training Partner for Articulate products exclusively in Australia and New Zealand and we use those products exclusively in our solutions team to build top quality eLearning courses. A few members of the SA Water team completed our training so they can maintain their own courses moving forward.

Our LMS provided a robust, highly scalable system offering extensive functionality as well as its very user friendly interface and virtually unlimited configurability.  Some of the key features configured to support the key LMS criteria initially included:

  • the automation of user record creation
  • flexibility in defining and applying user structures
  • easy management of training records
  • the ability to use both standardised and self-built reports
  • the ability for the LMS to allocate training to learners utilising both automated logic and manual interventions.

More specifically, we the LMS allowed for:

  • automatically create or update SA Water user accounts regular data import from other SA Water Human Resource (HR) systems
  • reporting within the LMS uses the SA Water organisation hierarchy as a standardised basis that allows for consistent report results and comparative review
  • reporting within the LMS is geared towards course completions, including results and course renewal dates:
    • reporting options within the LMS included standard reports which were visible based on the report users roles and position in the hierarchy and also custom reports built by administrators
  • use of course delivery structures that allow online course deployment via:
    • automated logic
    • manual allocation by SA Water LMS administrators
    • a user self-service model where specified courses were made available to users through a browse able catalogue structure.

When this project went live in SA Water, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.

“The biggest success has been the fact that it’s available upon request. Employees/Learners can really drive their own development and quench their own thirst for knowledge in a way that is historically unprecedented. Traditionally, they’ve had to wait, now it’s available on demand!”

For more information on our Learning Platform, Articulate eLearning content development or Certified Articulate Training please contact us to learn more.

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