Road Trip USA – Vegas & Richmond

Las Vegas and Richmond, USA | Some of the B Online Learning team have spent the last few weeks in the USA.

We like to travel every few years to keep up to date with industry happenings and more importantly to see what’s on the horizon. What was obvious this trip is how far Australia have progressed in the last few years that we are getting closer to even ground.

Articulate Las Vegas – DevLearn

The adventure started in Las Vegas at the DevLearn 14 Conference.

In a nutshell here are the sessions that inspired me and some screenshots:

Building an Online Community Tom Kuhlmann

Building an Online Community Tom Kuhlmann

Articulate stand and DemoFest

Articulate stand and DemoFest

How to design great navigation by Nicole Legault and the Quote of the Conference

How to design great navigation by Nicole Legault and the Quote of the Conference

Ian Hucklebee on ways the xAPI can improve elearning design and an example of gamification

Ian Hucklebee ways the xAPI can improve elearning design and an example of gamification

Michael Allen‘s presentation about the eLearning manifesto explored the differences between traditional eLearning and serious eLearning, which is available here and well worth a look. It was great to see how similar our Master eLearning Course, now in its 5th year, is to his suggested best practice delivery model.

Memorable quotes from Michael’s session:

  • Put people at risk – active eLearning – people start thinking about the consequences of what may happen, which is the prerequisite to learning. They start making decisions on likely outcomes.
  • Fun gaming provides a playful and therefore memorable learning experience.
  • Performance strength comes from meeting challenges that are not too hard or too easy.
  • Spaced practice – Time between short practice sessions should increase to maximise retention.
  • People use there brains more if its not immediately presented – a trick to increase effectiveness, is to delay the measure of learning.
  • Optimal use of learning is to provide a sense of overlearning.

It was great to catch up with Tom and David from Articulate and hopefully will see you guys in 2015.

Articulate Training Partner Summit – Las Vegas

Articulate Training SummitNext we had the inaugural Articulate training partner Summit.  Articulate global footprint has expanded, much to the translation capability of Articulate Storyline 2 and to this end, the partner network has expanded from UK and Australia to China, France, Malaysia with other locations about to be added.

The goal of the network is to ensure consistency and a quality delivery approach, the program is endorsed by Articulate and regularly updated to meet their standards. The Summit was a thinking pot of ideas with improvements for the training and learning what others are doing and how we can build on the synergies between clients around the world, to ultimately provide a better experience for all.

I have to mention, before I move on to our next destination, for future travellers to Vegas the Premium Outlet North is a must for top brand bargain shopping. And there was time for fun at the tables and restaurants and casinos and shows and . . . . well what happens in Vegas .!

Articulate Storyline 2 Training – Richmond, Virginia

RichmondWe are already developing in Articulate Storyline 2 for clients, and used it during the Beta testing, so we have had experience with the new features and functionality.  But we had the opportunity to attend the first Articulate Storyline 2 Certified Training Session in Richmond, and to catch up with our friends and partners Yukon Learning.

It was timely too since the new Articulate Storyline 2 Certified Training Program starts in Sydney in December. Find dates for 2015 in other capital cities here.

The program has not only been updated to include the new features but also structured to accommodate people that are upgrading from Storyline 1. Day 3 provides the perfect day. It introduces new features with some excellent activities that build on the skills you already know.

Similar to our training in Australia, the group was diverse – varied industries (eg airlines, health, education, business, community organisations) and skill level – from eLearning beginners to people that have been designing for years.

I’ve watched the training quite a few times but it never ceases to amaze me how I always learn something new and pick up tips to speed up the development process. Participants enthusiasm as the features are explored is also inspiring.  They learn from the expert facilitator but also from sharing each others experiences.

Special thanks to the Yukon Learning team for their hospitality – Chris, Ron, Charles, John, Brooke, Stefanie, Kim, Raye – to name just a few. It was great to meet their talented development team and see some of the great work they have done.

It’s been a busy 2 weeks and the motivation level is at an all time high. The connections we have and the new ones formed place us in an enviable position.

Next stop New York for the Articulate Sales Partner Summit.

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