How Streams in Birch Help Build Personal Learning Programs

Birch Streams Feature

Streams provide flexibility for Birch Learning Platform users that have intricate and complex learning paths. They are designed for highly regulated industries with large numbers of users that require an adaptable solution that is easy and quick to implement.

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What are Streams?

  • Streams help configure requirements for different groups of learners to control a learner’s pathway to completion.
  • Goals are made up of Streams and Elements to maintain compliance or achieve completion.
  • Streams can be organised using Connections.  Learn more about the key components of Birch here.
  • Can have different target audiences, registration rules, connections, completion requirements, compliance settings for a more granular approach to learning and development.
  • Report on compliance for a Goal across users who may have entirely different learning paths required to reach their achievement.

Ways our clients enjoy the flexibility of Streams

1. Government Agency – New team members have a Goal for an Induction

Stream 1 – Learning requirements that everyone is required to complete
Stream 2 – Elements that are specific to locations, e.g. Canberra, Newcastle
Stream 3 – Learning requirements based on job role, e.g. Policy Officer, Director, Technical Team Leader

2. Aviation – Emergency Evacuations

Stream 1 – General Evacuation content that everyone completes
Stream 2 – Content specific for Fire Wardens is unlocked when Stream 1 is complete for anyone with a Fire Warden Connection.

3. Mining Industry – WHS Induction

Stream 1 – WHS compliance content for everyone
Streams 2-18 Site specific WHS requirements and information assigned to learners with a Site Connection e.g Gladstone, Newcastle, Adelaide

4. Hospital – Using lift apparatus equipment

Stream 1 – Moving patients compliance content for everyone
Streams 2-10 Content related to the lift on the Ward are unlocked as a Wards connection is updated for Learners

Powerful registration rules to control the flow of learning

Goals and Streams control the flow from one Element to another to provide learners a blended approach to learning.

The Goal below has multiple streams with a registration rule that learners need to complete the 1st stream before they can access the 2nd stream.  The learner will only see the current stream, with a lock indicating access to the 2nd stream.

Birch Learning Platform Streams

Other registration rules include:

  • Learners access a Stream or Element:
    • upon completion of another Stream
    • if they have passed, failed an Element
    • after a set number of days from registration
    • when they have completed the current Stream or Element
  • Set Streams as compulsory, an elective or optional
  • Renew on completion due date or number of days before they need to do the Stream again.

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