How Birch Learning Platform Makes Life Easy

Sydney, Australia – One of the most frequent things we’ve heard over the years is, “I do so much training just to learn how to use my new Learning Management System (LMS)?” As frustrating as that sounds, it really is accurate to how many administrators and managers feel when they are getting started with a new business tool that is supposed to be making their life easier. In reality, an organisation’s decision on an LMS is largely driven by the usability for the end user rather than the people maintaining the system.

Being aware of this frustration, we set out to create something that focuses just as much on the back end experience as it does on the learner’s. We want to keep the hard working and passionate learning administrator as happy and productive as possible. But also lighten their load by giving Managers and Trainers more access to what they need.  This is why, we built Birch – a digital learning experience for everyone – administrators, learners, managers, trainers and more.

The 4 Key Components of Birch make life very easy for our clients:

  • GOALS are made up of elements which a user completes to maintain compliance or achieve completion. Use goals to easily control the flow from one element to another.
  • ELEMENTS are learning activities such as SCORM, reading a file, on the job assessment, watching a video, attending a workshop/class, taking an assessment, manager signoff, completing surveys with various types of results.
  • CONNECTIONS remove the limits of traditional user and course structure. Connect things together in a way that works for you. Create dynamic target audiences, automate compliance, group users, make teams, build workflows, and enhance reporting.
  • TAGS amplify reporting, simplify searching, showcase featured learning activities and enhance reports. Add tags to users, Goals, Elements and Connections.

Keeping in line with making an administrator’s life easier and more productive, a simple combination of these Key Components is all you need to build and design learning programs for your organisation. This configuration can be as simple as a single activity that needs to be completed by a learner or as complex as a compliance workflow with multiple elements that renews each year. Either way, the setup and configuration is the same and very easy and intuitive to setup.


If you have any questions about this or just want to learn more about B Online Learning, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to connect with you!

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