How to add 360° images in Articulate Storyline


Articulate Storyline 360 usually has an update every 6 weeks or so that might include updates, enhancement of existing features or even brand new features. Recently Storyline 360 released the long awaited and desired 360° image feature.

A 360° image is a panoramic photo that captures a scene from all angles. Use 360° images in Storyline 360 to create immersive learning experiences. Engage learners as they explore every angle with interactive elements, such as markers and hotspots.

This was exciting! Using a 360° image can provide a pseudo-virtual reality effect (at a fraction of the cost), where a learner can explore an environment by looking around it themselves. They can also dive deeper into various aspects of it by using markers and hotspots. Just like normal markers in Storyline 360, you can add images, audio and video to the markers to provide additional information about the scene, link to slides or layers or even additional 360° images.

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Join Matt Blackstock as he takes a deep dive into 360° images, looking at how easy it is to build an onboarding module designed to assist employees to navigate their new workplace.

One of the biggest needs for organisation’s at the moment is to be able to onboard ‘new hires’ quickly and efficiently, or onboard first time workers who have just left school. Getting them comfortable with their new workplace, and most importantly, knowing where to find everyone and everything they may need to interact with. It might also be something as simple as where the rest rooms are.

A 360° image allows you to take a photograph of the various parts of your workplace and provide all the information your new starters need to get up to speed for their first day on the job. You can also bring in Storyline 360’s other building blocks like slides, states, layers and triggers to add interactivity and additional learning opportunities.

So, are 360 cameras expensive? They are becoming more and more affordable all the time, you can unlock the world of 360° images for only a few hundred dollars, adding a fantastic tool to your L&D toolbox.

Example of 360° images in Articulate Storyline

Click the image to take a look at a workplace tour we put together using 360° images.


How can you use a 360° image in your eLearning?

  • Workplace tours – offices, factories, industrial areas, power stations tours.
  • Outdoor training – environmental safety, pre-briefing, debriefs
  • Gamification – Learning adventure games, learning journeys, solving mysteries, problem solving or applying knowledge in a simulated environment
  • Scenario based training – Choose your own adventure!
  • Internal environments – Driving a motor vehicle, learning its controls and capabilities,
  • Hospitality and retail training – anywhere that has a ‘front of house’ or ‘sales floor’ – great way to introduce the sales floor and where to locate items/people/stock/supplies

You can check out other examples on Articulate’s community site eLearning Heroes at

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