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B Online Learning is one of those companies that look for new and innovative ways to deliver learning solutions. Our partnership with our Certified Articulate Training partners, Yukon Learning is a unique way to provide off the shelf or pre built eLearning courses. It’s called Rapid CourseTM

In a nutshell where other content providers license their off the shelf content to you either in part or as a whole catalogue for an annual fee or per user fee. When you purchase Rapid Course its a one off cost to get the SCORM output to load to any LMS in the world but more importantly you get the source files so you can make any changes and updates you want to your course forever.

Published Output versus Source Files

Off the shelf published output is what your learner looks at and interacts with and is typically distributed from your LMS as SCORM or xAPI. Think of the published file as the PDF and the source file as the word document the PDF came from, you can’t change what the PDF says without the word document.

Source files are the files that you need if you want to make changes to the content yourself. For example, Articulate Storyline source file has a .sl file type. To access Aticulate Rise source files you need to assigned as the ‘Course Owner’ not a ‘Collaborator’ or be sent a copy of the file to your Articulate ID.

So in essence, when you buy a Rapid Course, it’s yours, including the ability to change it however you see fit.

Articulate 360 Off the Shelf eLearning Courses

Rapid Courses are built with the Articulate development tools, you can guarantee they will work on your SCORM compliant LMS or learnign platform.

Beyond this, you purchase all Rapid Courses with a one off payment, not an annual subscription whose price could change every year. This obviously gives the client purchasing the courses with an immediate cost to account for in one budget year, making the business case process much more straight forward and easy to justify.

When you purchase a Rapid Course or Courses, you choose the actual courses included. Nearly all off the shelf vendors make you pay a subscription for a pre-defined bundle of courses. Much like pay TV, you buy a bundle of channels rather than the individual channels you will actually watch. But in our experience the massive catalogue bundle generally stays on the shelf from learners because the majority of content is of no use to the learners role or development requirements.

The classic example of this is putting out your 3000 course catalogue of courses only for your learners to complain that the voiceover and stock images are not Australian, how can this training possibly be valid for me if it was built for an audience in another country, with another culture, with different legislation and laws. Rapid Course removes this issue because:

  1. You choose the course(s) specific to your audience needs
  2. You pay for those courses once
  3. You can change the courses in any way like:
    • Corporate branding, logos and colours
    • Add or remove screens
    • Replace images
    • Change audio narration

For more information on Rapid Course in Australia and New Zealand visit our webpage or contact us today.

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