The Benefits of Source Off the Shelf Courses

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At B Online Learning we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver learning solutions. Our partnership with our Certified Articulate Training partners, Yukon Learning is a unique way to provide off-the-shelf or ready-made eLearning courses known as Rapid CourseTM

What’s unique about Articulate 360 off-the-shelf eLearning courses?

In a nutshell, most content providers license their off-the-shelf content in part or as a whole catalogue for an annual or per-user fee. Rapid Course, which is built with the Articulate development tools, on the other hand, is a one-off cost that gives you SCORM output or content to load onto any Learning Management System (LMS).

Opting for a single, fixed payment rather than an annual subscription with potential yearly cost fluctuations offers numerous advantages. Primarily, it provides the client with a predictable expenditure within a single budget year, simplifying the business case process and enhancing its justifiability.

You also get to choose the specific courses you want to be included. Nearly all off-the-shelf vendors that have a subscription model make you pay for a pre-defined bundle of courses. Much like pay TV, you buy a bundle of channels rather than the individual channels you will actually watch. But in our experience, most of the catalogue bundle remains unused because most clients’ needs are specific to the learner’s role or development requirements.

Published output versus source files

But perhaps, the most important feature is that as part of Rapid Course, you get the source files which means you can tailor the content and make any changes or updates you need.

Off-the-shelf published output or content is what your learner will see and interact with and is typically distributed from your LMS as SCORM or xAPI. Think of the published file as the PDF and the source file as the Word document the PDF came from — you can’t change what the PDF says without the Word document.

You need source files if you want to make changes to the content yourself. For example, the Articulate Storyline source file has a .sl file type. To access Articulate Rise source files, you need to be assigned as the ‘Course Owner’ not a ‘Collaborator’ or be sent a copy of the file to your Articulate ID.

So, in essence, when you buy a Rapid Course, it’s yours, including the ability to change it however you see fit so that it suits your learner’s needs and environment.

This will allow you to avoid situations in which you release a comprehensive 3000-course catalogue, only to encounter learner complaints about the content’s lack of relevance to their specific country – such as differing legislation and context. Rapid Course effectively addresses this challenge by:

  1. You choose the course(s) specific to your audience needs
  2. You can change the courses in any way like:
  • Corporate branding, logos and colours
  • Add or remove screens
  • Replace images/photographs
  • Change audio narration

You can find more information on Rapid Course in Australia and New Zealand on our webpage or contact us today.

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