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4 Secrets The eLearning Industry Don’t Want You To Know

In the 15 years we've been in the eLearning industry, we've noticed quite a few different opinions on learning technology. Here are a few secrets we thought we should let you know about, that could save you time and money in the long run. 1. LMS built-in eLearning content authoring...
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How to Build and When to Use Microlearning

To learn more about Microlearning, watch Matt Blackstock recorded webinar here. Too often developers are told a learning program is needed, get dumped with a whole heap of resources and hopefully they get a Subject Matter Expert to help and away they go. This process is missing some fundamental requirements...

Planning Your Blended Learning Program

This is the third blog in a series that looks at the learning principles behind blended learning, the needs of the audience and how these are determined, the technologies available and combining all these aspects together. Now that we have profile to work from,  we can proceed to the planning of our...

Facilitating Online Courses

For the past year I’ve been facilitating our Master eLearning Course while my colleague Ruth McElhone has been on maternity leave (she’s back now). I’ve found that facilitating in the online environment is quite different from classroom facilitation and as such has a number of unique characteristics and limitations. I’ve...
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