B Online Learning and Cancer Council NSW Win Award

We are pleased to announce Cancer Council NSW with B Online Learning have won a LearnX Impact Award for Best Learning Project Induction.

Cancer Council NSW needed to improve the way they orientated staff and volunteers in their first few weeks of employment to help new joiners get to know the organisation, understand their mission, brand, key messages and see how they fit into the big picture. They assessed their orientation practices and designed a new face-to-face Orientation Workshop. Due to their huge reach across rural, remote and regional NSW in terms of staff and community volunteers (they have over 2,500 regular volunteers!), they knew they could not justify bringing them all to head office for the workshop so they worked with B Online Learning to bring the workshop content to life through an eLearning solution.

Articulate Storyline was the chosen authoring tool. The course was an interesting design challenge as it’s development was brought about to replace a face to face training day, but without losing the same feeling of human interaction and support of face to face learning. Video was incorporated in the beginning for a dramatic effect. It made for a powerful introduction to demonstrate our commitment to the learning objectives. The base information of the content was taken from the existing induction day resources.  Interactions were developed to mimic the activities used in the face to face such as the Orientation Fair, where the users visit different pavilions and find out about the division in that pavilion. Active support is provided through the module by Dougal the bear, the mascot for Cancer Council NSW. Dougal is set to appear on the screen where additional information or assistance may be accessed or required by the user.

Coupling features such as the Orientation Fair and Dougal, with a consistent and easy to follow screen design, allows the users to feel relaxed within the interface, feel more connected to the company and feel supported whilst learning what they need, anywhere in Australia.

“We have been very encouraged by the qualitative and informal feedback from users of the module – the quality of the content, level of interactivity, videos, the look and feel and ease of use has produced a module that staff and volunteers are engaged with and can genuinely learn from. The module was cost effective in terms of being able to reach a large audience with quality content at a comparably low cost compared with sending large numbers of staff and volunteers to the head office with travel and accommodation costs. As a not-for-profit organisation, this solution has been a very cost effective and efficient way for us to orientate staff.” Laura Ferguson, Organisation Development Consultant

Employees and volunteers now have access to the module from day 1 in the organisation – if they can’t make the workshop in Sydney, the module provides a quick, efficient way of informing them about Cancer Council’s key messages and priority areas to increase their understanding and to allow them to communicate and articulate the work we do to others. It also allows new starters to understand our organisational structure so that they know what each of the different divisions do and how they fit into the picture and where they can collaborate.

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