I’ll Take My Rapid eLearning to Go

One of the buzz words at DevLearn 2011 was ‘mLearning’ (mobile learning). Clearly there is a demand for people to be able to learn ‘on the go’. Accessing course content on smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices is appealing for a whole range of reasons. We all know the...

The 5 key steps to building an eLearning program

The complete 5 steps are laid out in a complimentary white paper from B Online Learning. The 5 key elements examined in the white paper are: Strategy alignment: Too often an eLearning strategy is developed in isolation from core business drivers. If those responsible for developing your eLearning plan do...

Make social media part of your eLearning strategy

There has been a lot of talk lately about informal learning or social learning in the workplace.  So what's social learning? Dave Wilkins defines it as ‘learning through your interactions with others and through the knowledge and expertise of others’ (Wilkins 2009) Nowadays learners do not need to be in...
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