Events Enhance Engagement in Birch Learning Platform

Birch Learning Platform Events

Learning can involve many things, Birch Learning Platform has different elements to organise learning activities.  One of these elements is Events.  An Event can be a physical face to face session or workshop, a live webinar or an on demand webinar. Events empower administrators, trainers and managers with key event data and reporting with a focus on enhancing learners experience and engagement.

Let’s explore some of the features of Events.


Anyone that has scheduled events understands requirements tend to vary and you need options that are easy to administer.  Birch lets you leverage several configurable options.  Things like date, location, start and end times, minimum and maximum numbers, approval options, wait list, cancel by and register by dates.  You can also add webinar links to Zoom, upload prerequisite readings, a video or on demand webinar.

Sometimes events re-occur so it’s easy to add another instance to streamline your event management.  Many of our clients use spreadsheets to list their annual calendar of events, with Birch simply upload the file and it generates all your events assigned to the right team, users or audience for the year.

Actionable Reporting

Actionable reporting provides a clear view of numbers registered, maximum numbers allowed, waitlist and the trainers assigned and allows you to drill down into the roster list as well.  Reports can be exported as CSV, Excel, printed or copied. Another handy feature is having easy access to the event roster.  Access it easily on the Admin or Trainer Dashboard and also on the Calendar.

Learner Experience

When we talk about learner experience this is where Birch starts to show off compared to its competitors.  A clear, modern layout that’s fully responsive to increase attendee registrations.  Plus its accessible on all devices to help learners get to the information they need and understand quickly.

Learners can cancel their place directly from their Dashboard to free up space for other learners.  Once registered Learner’s receive an attachment to save to their calendar app such as Outlook so they don’t miss the event.  This is a handy feature for webinars as well, launch them directly from your mobile or desktop calendar.

Events is just another exciting feature to come from the Birch Community where our clients provide feedback on what they need to achieve their learning goals.

Get in touch with us to see a live demonstration of the Events feature or to discuss how we can help to streamline your learning.

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