Working with Birch

Interactive dashboards designed to make it easy for everyone – learners, managers, trainers and administrators.

Learner Dashboard

Birch offers flexible, dynamic learning on your terms. You can even incorporate your external educational activities. With goal-setting and tracking features, you can see how you’re progressing and set yourself up for success.

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  • Launch complimentary Birch eLearning catalogue
  • Self service account creation
  • Update/edit personal profile
  • Upload profile image
  • View goals and elements and workflow status
  • View Netflix style catalogue
  • Search catalogue by title, tags and more
  • Calendar for enrolled learning
  • Self-register/withdraw from goals and elements
  • Register for event wait list
  • Default language/time zone preferences based on location
  • Access resources
  • Renewal messages
  • Review/print a transcript
  • Launch and bookmark online courses
  • Enter external achievements
  • View CPD/CPE points
  • Review/print a completion certificate
  • Compliance graph with quick launch for non-compliant items

Manager Dashboard

Inspiring your organisation to embrace learning is a big job, so you need a platform that makes it easy, not hard. Birch is a holistic, intuitive solution especially created by learning experts to adapt to your individual organisational needs.

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  • Team view shows who are not compliant or are awaiting action
  • Manage approval requests and document reviews
  • Manage on the job assessment reviews
  • View team member profiles – compliance %, goals progress, transcript
  • Contact all team or selected member/s instantly
  • Access calendar for enrolled goals, elements and events to view due dates and filter by team or member
  • Register/cancel team members in goals, elements and events
  • Interactive reporting dashboard can resize and reorder and save preferences
  • Compliance graphs
  • Actionable reports (contact and register directly from report)

Trainer Dashboard

Birch has been created by learning experts to adapt to your needs and evolve the way you want.

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  • Create events
  • Register learners into events
  • Access calendar for assigned events to view registered learners
  • Manage document reviews and on the job assessment
  • Learning Event View includes:
    – register additional learners
    – send notifications to learners
    – print attendance sheet
    – update attendances (include did not attend and exemptions)
    – upload signed attendance sheet
  • Interactive reporting dashboard can resize and reorder and save preferences
  • Create actionable reports (contact learners and register directly)

Administrator Dashboard

Deploying learning programs in your organisation can be complex. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. With easy set-up and management, built-in flexibility and a user-friendly interface, it’s designed the way learning should feel. Natural.

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  • Create community/s with branding
  • Create unlimited connections manually or via file import, API
  • Create tags for assignment to goals and elements for reporting and searching throughout the platform
  • Create goals, elements and job roles

Learner Management


  • Create (or batch upload) new learners
  • Upload SCORM/xAPI content
  • Designate/change a learner’s manager/s
  • Assign multiple managers and roles
  • Create, change and view learner information/profile
  • Set/change learner status
  • View and print learner transcripts
  • CPD and CPE tracking
  • View goal progress for a learner

Registration Management


  • Auto assign registrations for goals and elements
  • Match connections on goals and learners
  • Set (and override) the max/min learners for a course at the session level
  • Enrol and cancel registrations for events
  • Manage a wait list queue (approve/deny)
  • Manage a registration request queue (approve/deny)

Message management


  • Configurable messaging with token availability
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Global broadcast messaging
  • Registration confirmation via email with ICAL file attachment
  • Amendments to events
  • Auto-reminder email for learning plan due dates
  • Scheduled and event based messages may be global or community based

Our clients live at the heart of

Birch Logo

Thanks to our long experience, we’ve had the chance to learn from our clients, too. About what works (and what doesn’t) when you truly want to excite people to learn.


Multi layered support approach located in Australia consisting of a dedicated Client Success Manager, 24/7 web service desk, online guides with video tutorials.


Be an active member of the Birch Community that fosters collaboration with other clients and drives feature requests.

Types of Elements

A full range of learning activities.

eLearning Content

Import and launch SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC content without our assistance. Ability to search for, import, and launch content distributed by third party systems.

On the Job Assessment

Assign reviewer to mark off a checklist with sections, tasks, comments. Upload documents or media before, during or after the assessment.


Schedule events such as F2F training, conferences or webinars. Assign trainers, multiple dates, webinar URL, costing information. Minimum, maximum and wait list options.


Create a test with sections and tasks. Assign a grade for auto completion. Question pools and randomise questions. Choose from multiple response/choice, matching, sequencing, true/false.

Document Review

Learners upload document/s for verification and signoff. Reviewer can add comments and approve or deny, upload further documents which alerts the learner.

Document Upload

From policy and procedures documents to job aids and checklists, upload the pdf and the document will be tracked when the learner reads the document.


Import MP4 video and deliver directly to learners. Track how much time your learners spend watching the video and whether they’ve completed based on the criteria that you set.


Gather feedback with multiple choice, multiple response, single select, matrix, likert or free text questions. Use as a question pool and randomise questions.

A simple set up process

Choose a platform that evolves to meet your needs, delivered by a trusted partner in learning.

  • 1


    Let's get to know each other and find out how you want Birch to work for you and suggest features that would help.

  • 2


    We examine your requirements such as user data, connections, job roles, reporting, goal structures, element types, messaging and more.

  • 3


    Your Birch environment is setup including access to the Birch Catalogue. Its time to check we have everything right and test any connections to your ecosystem.

  • 4


    We work with you long term to unlock the learning potential of your organisation and help achieve your goals.

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