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Sydney, Australia | B Online Learning held the first Articulate User Group meeting in Australia at the Ultimo Community Centre. The purpose of the meeting was to bring Articulate users together to share their knowledge and experiences in an effort to help others to improve their own skills and expertise as well as connecting with other users in the area.

Before we knew it, time was up! It was terrific to meet lots of other Articulate users and we hope to see more at the next User Group Meeting. We filmed the presentations and you can watch the highlights below. The entire clip is about 32 minutes long so to make it easier to jump to different sections, here’s when each section starts:

  • Matt: 0.39 – Matt started by showing some tips that you can use to save some valuable development time when working on projects. These were using Master Slides, setting colour and font themes, creating button sets and the ability to copy and paste layers and triggers.
  • Ruth: 6.59 – Ruth took to the floor to talk about how you can use True/False variables to customise content for different audiences. In her example, Managers and Employees can type in a different password (thereby changing the variable) and then complete a tailor-made version of a course.
  • David: 19.24 – We were then joined by a very special guest – David Anderson, Community Manager from Articulate who wanted to say hi and spoke briefly about where he gets his ideas from for the eLearning Heroes Challenges. It turns out that many of them come from community members!
  • Ben: 20.09 – Ben showed some cool demos using motion paths and sliders along with the necessary triggers. He then took us behind-the-scenes to show us how he created the demos.

At the next meeting, we’d like to have a ‘demo-fest’ session which would involve having several people at different tables showing their demo’s and then everyone else would move from table to table to see and learn what they had created. It would mean that people wouldn’t have to be out in front of everyone all at once. We’ve also had a couple of people who approached us afterwards and would like to present next time which is great!

On the success of this first event, B Online Learning held another one in Newcastle in May and are now planning for the Melbourne Articulate User Group planned for the 29th of July. 

Stay tuned for more dates and cities!

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