Articulate Roadshows Australia & NZ 2020

We’re thrilled to announce Tom Kuhlmann and David Anderson will be visiting Australia and New Zealand to conduct Articulate Roadshows in 2019 and 2020.

Spend a day (or two) with them to learn more about e-learning design and how to get more from your Articulate tools.

The workshop sessions are informal, fun, and packed with tricks, tips, and ideas you can use immediately to help take your e-learning skills to the next level. And if that’s not enough, you’ll get access to the source files and video tutorials shared during the workshop.

Our workshops are designed for users of all skill levels from beginners to those with years of course building experience. However, they do anticipate at least a functional understanding of basic Storyline authoring.

You can sign up for one or both days. Sign up for both days and get a discount. Numbers are limited so register soon.


Brisbane 28 -29 September 2020

Melbourne 1 – 2 October 2020


Tom likes to break e-learning course development into three core focal points: what content needs to be in the course, what should it look like, and what’s the learner to do. This forms the foundation for all of our sessions as we look at using the Articulate software to build courses. These tend to be quick hit sessions where we show a boatload of tips and tricks. Some topics* include:

  • 10 Things to Know About Drag & Drop Interactions.
  • How to Use PowerPoint with Rise 360
  • Using Lightbox Slides in E-Learning
  • Create an Engaging Parallax Slider Interaction.
  • Finding the Right Look and Feel for your Course
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Object States But Were Afraid to Ask
  • Nip and Tuck Your Slides Using the 5-Point Makeover Process
  • Build Interactive Scenarios in Rise 360
  • How to Update Old Courses When You No Longer Have the Source Files


This day focuses on moving past click-and-read courses by reworking the content to make it more engaging and interactive. In a series of hands-on activities, we review existing content and learn some technique that when applied will completely transform your slides from standard click-and-read content to something more interactive and engaging.

Topics* include:

  • How to Gamify Content Library Templates
  • Background Slide Makeovers
  • Customize Drag & Drop Interactions
  • From Static to Interactive
  • Interactive Quiz Makeovers

*Session topics subject to change.


While we use the Articulate software, anyone is welcome to join. The sessions have general application regardless of the software. Here’s who usually attends:

  • Subject matter experts who build rapid e-learning courses
  • Trainers transitioning to e-learning roles
  • Instructional designers
  • E-learning designers & developers


  • This is not a sales event. It’s a practical tips & tricks workshop
  • Learn how to save time and money with more efficient development
  • Take your courses past the standard click & read model
  • Lots of post-conference resources including tutorials & templates

For more information visit the links above or our professional development page here.

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