Articulate Rise Full Responsive Authoring

One of the biggest challenges faced by e learning developers the world over, is being able to efficiently and effectively develop learning for multiple devices and platforms. In the golden age of e-learning development, it was always a bit ‘hit and miss’ as to how your module would look across multiple platforms.

How your module would look on a desktop was the known factor, because that is what most people used to access it. However with the increased use of mobile devices your hard design and development work could end up not only looking horrid, but also completely unusable on any platform that wasn’t a desktop PC.

This usually meant you would need to develop one version for the desktop and another for any other device that may possibly need to access the learning module. Who’s got time to develop up to 5 different versions (desktop, tablet portrait, tablet landscape, phone portrait and phone landscape) of the same module?

Articulate certainly did ‘rise’ to the challenge of responsive authoring with their program Articulate Rise, part of the Articulate 360 subscription based authoring platform.

Design an e-learning lesson once, publish, and no matter what device your learners are on, it will look fantastic.

Not sure how something will look on a phone? Well Rise will let you preview exactly how your module will look on a desktop, tablet in portrait or landscape mode, or phone in landscape or portrait mode. responsive-preview


The learner experience is awesome!  No matter the platform they are on they can review content, interact with timelines, labelled graphics, flip through process cards, view videos, and even complete a quiz. All media is high resolution and top quality, looking amazing, irrelative of the platform being used to access it. screens

The modules have ‘dead simple’ navigation, progress meters and a minimalist design that ensures the focus is on the learning, and not distracted by badly laid out content, or interactions a non-responsive tool would usually produce. nav


What about for the developer? How easy is it to use?

It is simple. I’ll say that again, underline and bold it for emphasis It is simple to use!

Anyone can create a high quality, interactive e-learning module that again looks fabulous no matter the device used to access it (are you sick of me saying that yet!?)

There is no software required to be downloaded and installed, everything can be edited and produced in the humble internet browser. This also mean that as updates are released, and new features are unveiled you will have access to all of them at the touch of a button, again no downloads, no plugins. It’s all included! dev-view

As a developer you set up your lesson outline, including optional section titles as needed, and use the various lesson types to create your online module. You can add text, media, interactions, links, videos (both your own videos and videos embedded from elsewhere on the net), and audio. tools

Need to record some audio for the module? No worries! You can do it in the browser at the touch of a button. No need to record it elsewhere and upload it for use.


It’s easy to rearrange content on the fly, and add additional content for those ‘just in time’ situations where you need to add new content fast.


Finally, it can all be themed with your corporate colour and fonts.

Almost forgot! Need to track the course in an LMS? No problem! Rise can output to web, SCORM, and soon even Tin Can.

lmsRapid, responsive and recordable? Heck yeah!

Rise will allow you to produce a high quality, rapid, responsive eLearning module as an option to a full blown Storyline course. Is it designed to replace Storyline? Not at all. It is a fantastic complimentary tool to allow you to produce exactly what your learner needs.

The answer to rapid responsive eLearning development has arrived, and it is Articulate Rise.

B Online Learning are an Articulate Reseller and also the Exclusive Certified Trainer in Australia and New Zealand.

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