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Articulate Training

I have been using Articulate Storyline for almost three years now and have found the software to be very intuitive.  I have basically taught myself how to use this powerful rapid authoring tool, but was recently offered the opportunity to attend the Certified Articulate Storyline training run by B Online Learning and was very keen to take up this offer.

The course I attended was the Certified Articulate Storyline Training in Melbourne, facilitated by Matthew Guyan.  There were 12 participants from a range of industries and positions which made for some very interesting discussions as the training progressed.

The course was very much hands-on, with a wide range of topics covered by the facilitator through explanation and demonstration, followed by an opportunity to put what you had learnt into practice.  The course outline was extensive and the facilitator covered a lot of ground over the two days.  Whilst it was well-structured and followed a progressive path from the basic overview of the software to the more complex topics, there was ample flexibility for straying slightly off track as the participants began to experiment with the functionality of the software and consider how they could best adapt this to their specific eLearning requirements.

For the average Articulate Storyline user, I would highly recommend attending this training for the practical advice and tips specific to your eLearning requirements and to help you gain a better understanding of the capabilities of the software.

As an experienced user I found the course particularly valuable with regard to reinforcing what I already knew about the software and as I found out, there is always something you can take away from a course such as this – a better or quicker way to do something, or a functionality that you didn’t realise existed.

The detailed resource guide provided to participants has prompted me to challenge myself to learn more of the keyboard shortcuts and to look at functionality that I have not had the opportunity to use yet, such as the screencasting which looks like it could be very useful for creating software training packages.

Congratulations B Online Learning on running such a fantastic course!

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