Reflections on Articulate Training for Experienced Users

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In this blog, one of the attendees of our Articulate Storyline training shares their experience of the session.

I have been using  Articulate Storyline  for almost three years now and have found the software to be very intuitive.  I have basically taught myself how to use this powerful application but I was recently offered the opportunity to attend the Certified Articulate Storyline training run by B Online Learning and I was keen to go along to learn more.

B Online Learning have been the Exclusive Certified Articulate Training Provider in Australia and New Zealand since 2012. I chose their workshop because the training program was developed in conjunction with Articulate. It offers a unique experience compared to others and a deeper knowledge of the best ways to use the application.

The course was facilitated by Matt Blackstock, a Certified Articulate Trainer with participants from a range of industries and positions which made for some very interesting discussions. I gained a greater awareness of what others are doing that I can also use in my own organisation. 

The course was very hands-on, with a wide range of topics covered by the facilitator through both explanation and demonstration, followed by an opportunity to put what you had learned into practice. The course outline was extensive and the facilitator covered a lot of ground over the three days. While it was well structured and followed a progressive path from the basic overview of the application to the more complex topics, there was still ample flexibility and time for the participants to experiment with the functionality of the app and consider how they could best adapt this to their specific eLearning requirements. 

For the average Articulate Storyline user, I would highly recommend attending this training for practical advice and tips that will help you gain a better understanding of the capabilities of the app, as well as a strong understanding of how these can be applied to your specific requirements. 

As an experienced user, I found the course particularly valuable as it reinforced what I already knew about the app but importantly also introduced me to new features and more efficient ways of doing things. 

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