Articulate 360 is a ‘must have’

What a week it’s been! The big news is a new tool that will change the face of digital learning development. Welcome Articulate 360!

Articulate’s newest and shiniest product hits the market today and it comprises of the following tools:

  • Storyline 360 (desktop): improved version of already awesome, award winning Storyline 2
  • Rise (web-based): build courses from your web browser
  • Studio360 (desktop): transforms PowerPoint into online courses
  • Preso (iPad): creates training videos on iPads
  • Peek (desktop): records screencasts
  • Replay 360 (desktop): captures screen activity and allows you to walk learner through the content using your webcam video
  • Content Library (web-based): free, professionally designed templates and characters
  • Articulate Review (web-based): share and gather feedback from multiple stakeholders
  • Articulate 360 Teams: your entire training team can have access to Articulate 360 depending on your subscription model

Wow! I nearly was exhausted just writing that list! As you can see there’s a lot of ‘bang for your buck’. It has all the current Articulate tools and more in one package. And that’s the whole idea behind this new product. It will become your one stop shop for eLearning development. You will now have everything at your fingertips.

Here at B Online Learning, the team have been helping test Articulate 360 over the last few weeks and below are 5 reasons we think it’s a ‘must have’ for your eLearning developers.

Mobile: no need to publish several versions of your content. Storyline 360 course can be published to every device thanks to a responsive player. This new responsive player does all the work for you. No need to tweak items at various break points like other tools such as Captivate. Hit Publish and boom! The player does all the hard work for you.

Rise: this tool in itself is reason enough to get Articulate 360. You can now build a course right from your web browser. No software download. How cool is that!

Content Library:compelling and visual assets’ is how Adam Schwartz describes this part of the suite and he’s not wrong. The library is full of the professionally designed templates, interactions and characters. The new, improved illustrated characters look great. At our certified training courses, people always had divided opinions of the old characters in Storyline 2. Prepare to be amazed. These new characters hit the mark. Good visual design is something that a lot of us still struggle with. This content library makes this less overwhelming and gives you somewhere to start from. You’ll be the office superhero in no time!

Articulate 360 content

New Improved Storyline 360: Most of us are familiar with Storyline 2 so let’s look at what else is new here:

  • Superior HTML5 output
  • Ability to rename motion paths
  • Publish ‘just’ scenes or slides
  • Responsive Preview Toolbar
  • Navigation: Slide Properties now allows you to swipe to the previous and next screen in the published output. We are in love!

One more thing, take a look at what else you get when you buy from B Online Learning. We are a local Reseller and also the Exclusive Certified Trainer in Australia and New Zealand. Be sure to check our event schedule for upcoming professional development.

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