Winner Best eLearning Awards

Sydney, Australia – Australasian College of Sports and Exercise College with B Online Learning won a GOLD LearnX for Best eLearning Awards.

The Australasian College of Sports Physicians is the professional body representing Sport and Exercise physicians in both Australia and New Zealand. Training and employment in this field is restricted to fully qualified medical practitioners. The Australian Medical Council (AMC) sets the standards and accredits specialist medical colleges and in doing so makes suggestions in how a College may improve training. Specifically the AMC requested that the ACSP standardise training across geographical areas so that trainees in isolated areas had the same access to up to date information and high level specialist opinions as those in the major cities. In addition, the modules assist in increasing the depth and breadth of information easily accessible and available to the College’s membership and trainees, as the modules have the capability of containing large amounts of information, presented in an interesting and interactive way. Finally, the modules include formative assessments throughout the modules which are assessments “for learning” (rather than “of learning”) which has been shown to enhance recall and better embed the information.

“The Fellows, members and Registrars of the ACSP are a group of specialist doctors who are either training in the specialty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, or maintaining and enhancing their specialist knowledge. Completion of the Academic modules are compulsory for trainees. Completion of the Clinical Training Supervisor modules are compulsory for Fellows who train Registrars. Other modules are available for all to improve knowledge in specific areas. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and there has been significant uptake of all the modules by the membership.” Di Robinson, ACSP

The Academic Modules were designed to provide specific information in a prescribed learning area, at the level of a University one semester course. The information provided in the modules were aligned to the learning outcomes in the ACSP curriculum. The internal medicine modules cover topic areas of sport and exercise medicine which are harder to obtain experience and information in, during day to day practice. The performance criteria includes the uptake of the modules and the validity of the modules – did the content of the modules actually deliver the information required. The Clinical Training Supervisor Modules are to assist trainee supervisors in teaching methods, giving feedback, performing workplace based assessments and dealing with the difficult trainee. Performance criteria for these modules is not only uptake, but if supervisors felt their ability to train and work with their trainees had been enhanced.

ACSP required an LMS as well as eLearning content development. The chosen tools were BOL LMS and Articulate authoring tools.

Using Articulate authoring tools to build the 15 courses provided interactive and media rich eLearning courses, narrated by the SME’s (ie the specialist doctors for each topic), each with pre determined assessments, scenarios, case studies and resources to download. B Online Learning also used Articulate to load the videos into BOL DLP to enable SCORM reporting on students completion of viewing the videos.

Demonstrative videos were used to illustrate “how-to’s”- Fellows and Members should be familiar with the examination techniques featured in the videos which are provided for revision. In particular, trainees new to the specialty benefit from the expertise demonstrated in the videos. Each video is approximately 15 minutes. ACSP are hoping to continually add to their catalogue of learning with further development in the pipeline.

“The eLearning design has been a huge success and the project, thus far has exceeded the organisation’s performance criteria.” Di Robinson, ACSP

Supervisors have found they have been able to improve their teaching techniques and better communicate and give feedback to the trainees. The registrars have found that the teaching methods are improving as a result of these teaching modules and is more directed to their learning needs than past courses they have had to complete to achieve the same learning requirements, as the module was specifically designed for the ACSP.”

Previously the trainees had to find a course at a university that would suit their learning needs, but these courses were always suboptimal and did not always cover all the learning outcomes of the ACSP curriculum. Therefore, the registrars have saved time and money, and their performance has improved as they now have resources which are specifically designed for their learning needs.

“The project has been cost effective. We have had a very limited budget, but B Online Learning has worked within our budget and we have been able to extend our budget for more modules on the basis of the success, positive feedback and uptake of the initial modules.“ Di Robinson, ACSP

Technology has supported ACSP members learning as an information vehicle for exploring knowledge to support learning (accessing needed information, comparing perspectives, beliefs, and worldviews). It has provided authentic context by representing and simulating real situations, and contexts, for defining a safe, controllable problem space for student thinking. It has been an intellectual partner by allowing students to reflect on what they have learned and how they came to know it and supporting mindful thinking.

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