Guide: What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?


Learning management systems (LMS) have significantly transformed how businesses manage and deliver training. The fast pace of change means your workforce require new skills continuously. Workplaces are evolving and traditional learning methods are no longer as inclusive.

Any organisation focused on growth requires a reliable learning management system. Your team needs to be ready with the right skills and clients need to understand your product. An online learning system can also boost efficiency as well as help increase sales.

Keep reading to learn more about what a learning management system is.

What Is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system or LMS is an application that helps to automate and deliver training and development programs. It eliminates the need for traditional classrooms.

An LMS helps you to deliver training and learning content to your team, clients and partners. It can involve the provision of online courses or offering real-time learning sessions.

Unlike traditional classrooms, an LMS allows for remote learning. Learners can access educational materials on their phones or desktops from anywhere.

One study shows 41.7% of top companies now use online learning to train employees and educate clients. Companies using e-learning say it’s one of their most valuable training methods. E-learning cuts down training time and helps businesses half down training costs.

What Is the Primary Function of a Learning Management System?

The primary purpose of LMS is to host, deploy and track learning activities. An online learning system is a portal where learners can access learning materials. In organisations, it helps to centralise learning and make training accessible to everyone.

Administrators rely on LMS systems to create and deliver the right educational content. With the help of data and reporting, managers can identify skills and training gaps. Modern LMS come with intelligent algorithms that recommend courses based on a users’ interests.

Governments, private companies and non-profit organisations can make use of a robust LMS. Here are some LMS use cases that show potential impact on your business.

Employee Onboarding

New employees need to pick up the pace and start meeting your work expectations as soon as possible. An LMS can play the orienting role from the final intake interview. You can share relevant support online to ensure your new employee is up to the task from the first working day.

Employee Training and Development

40% of employees surveyed in Australia and four other countries says that they were likely to leave their job within the next 3 to 6 months. Lack of training and development programs has been shown to be a prompt for job changes. Your workforce needs to upskill and investing in an LMS is a pivotal step to support them.

Senior managers can be too tied up to provide training and mentorship to their juniors. An LMS eases their load by enabling them to record and store courses for easy access. Employees can select training from your platform based on their current challenges.

Client Training

It’s usual for SaaS companies to provide regular client training. They need to ensure users know how to get the best out of their purchases. Client training may also entail offering value-packed courses to boost customer relationships.

Partner Training

You can use an LMS to train your resellers, affiliates and other partners. This is a great way to support and reinforce relationships with your partners. Many leading companies provide free training to their partners.

Compliance Training

Your company has a social responsibility to your clients, employees and the public. You have to create a conducive working environment, protect consumers and society. Otherwise, you run the risk of tainting your image and attracting public backlash.

A continuous compliance training program helps to keep these risks at bay. You minimise risk by assisting employees to understand their role in risk prevention. A great way to provide mandated training and certification is to use an LMS.

Empowering Salespeople

Your sales team plays a huge role in driving sales and growing your revenues. Arming them with the right skills is the key to enabling them to close more deals. A learning management system allows timely support of your salespeople.

Importance of Online Learning Management Systems

The first advantage of an online learning system is access to a flexible and scalable system. Tutors can create and publish tons of content anytime. Users can access relevant training programs anytime and from anywhere.

Here are more benefits of a robust LMS.

Boost Efficiency in Your Company

Your company needs efficiency to speed up operations and cut costs. And efficiency in any company calls for skilled and innovative staff. Meaning, you need to continuously empower your team which is where an LMS comes into play.

An LMS prepares employees for industry and technological changes through relevant training programs. These systems are also cost-effective due to the high accessibility of learning materials. Employees can self learn at their own pace without the help of tutors.

Increase Sales

Having a knowledgeable audience and skilled sales reps quickly helps to boost sales. Well trained sales reps are likely to close more deals and increase your profits.

Educating your customers could help boost satisfaction and also boost your sales. You’re likely to see fewer customer complaints when your knowledge base contains insightful content.

Prevent Employee Turnover

You need to keep and develop your best talents to grow a successful company. Employee satisfaction increases when you create a clear career growth and development plan.

Customise Training Experiences

LMS users, whether it’s your clients or staff, have different needs and challenges. A one size fits all training approach doesn’t work for modern staff and clients. A robust LMS leverages users data to deliver suitable learning programs to users.

Get a Learning Management System for Your Business

An online learning system will help you increase efficiency, streamline workflows, improve team performance and effectively report across your business.

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