Creating Compliance Training that Employees Actually Enjoy


Are your employees sighing at the mention of mandatory compliance training? It doesn’t have to be that way. Transform your eLearning compliance training into a captivating experience that employees actually look forward to. 

Authenticity matters

Instead of just focusing on the policies and highlighting what’s contained in each, engage employees by focusing on why the policies matter and when they need to be followed. Provide examples of what could happen if policies aren’t followed. You could even show the consequence of not following a policy at the opening of your training to emotionally engage learners.

Real-life scenarios

When conducting training, it’s essential to consider whether employees can effectively apply what they’ve learned in practical situations. Rather than just listing numerous policies and procedures or just highlighting a select few, the key is to engage employees throughout the training by incorporating relevant real-life scenarios. This approach ensures that learning is not just a theoretical exercise but a dynamic process that empowers employees to confidently apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, fostering meaningful and lasting skill development. 

Modernise your material

Convert your static policies and PDF procedure documents to online courses.  Use Articulate Rise to build searchable, interactive, media-rich content. Update old content with a brand-new design and modern player in Articulate Storyline and take advantage of the features available to increase learner engagement. Remember to also keep the copy exciting and concise – clear and engaging titles, plain English, and no jargon.

Convenience is key

In today’s fast-paced work environment with increasing demands on employees’ time, it’s crucial to embrace “Just-In-Time” compliance training. By offering easily accessible resources precisely when employees require them, you enhance their capacity to retain vital information. This approach allows them to apply knowledge and acquire essential skills in real-life, on-the-job situations, ultimately boosting effectiveness and productivity.

Prioritise mobile

In our mobile-centric world, it’s essential that compliance training is easily accessible on mobile devices so learners can access training materials at their convenience. Also, try to consider delivering bite-sized content, particularly tailored for mobile consumption, this will help to avoid cognitive overload. Explore tools like Articulate Rise, an ideal solution for streamlined and mobile-friendly compliance training.

Make it social

Harness the social features integrated in your Learning Management System (LMS) or utilise social media groups to foster employee engagement. Encourage team members to ask questions, share ideas and actively participate in discussions. You can also organise virtual meetings to stimulate dialogue and cultivate a collaborative learning environment.


Creating compliance training that evokes enthusiasm rather than sighs is possible. Put yourself in the learner’s shoes, empathise with their needs, and design training experiences that resonate with them. If you need help to improve your compliance training, please get in touch.

You can also find out more about how our content development services using Articulate 360 can help you create training that not only meets compliance requirements but also inspires continuous learning and professional growth.

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