Innovate and Improve Compliance Training


I’m sure you’ve experienced this situation before. When you mention mandatory compliance eLearning you’re greeted with a sigh and can see employees automatically disengage. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can turn your compliance training into an experience that employees actually want to complete.

1. Make it authentic

Instead of just focusing on the policies and highlighting what’s contained in each, engage employees by focusing on when the policies need to be followed and why they matter. Provide examples of what could happen if they don’t follow the policies. There are consequences that occur if policy isn’t followed – the consequence can be the opening of your training. This is how you can get employees emotionally engaged.

2. Make it real

Your training can list many policies and procedures or only highlight a few, but in either situation, can employees actually apply what they’ve learned in the real world? Instead of a knowledge assessment at the end of the training, involve the employees throughout the training through relevant real-life scenarios.

3. Make it modern

Convert your static policies and procedures pdf documents to online courses.  Use Articulate Rise to build searchable, interactive, media rich content. Also, make the title more appealing, here is an example from Trina Rimmer at Articulate. Update old content with a brand new design and modern player in Articulate Storyline and take advantage of the new features now available to increase learner engagement.

4. Make it convenient

Everyone is busy and the demands on employees is on the increase, so consider “Just-In-Time” compliance training. Provide resources that employees can access at the moment of need. If resources are readily available at the point of need, employees are more likely to retain the information. They are using the information and acquiring the skills when faced with a real-life situation on the job.

5. Make it mobile friendly

Everything is mobile, so compliance training should be mobile too. Provide employees the opportunity to access the training when it suits them. Also, try to avoid cognitive overload and make the training bite sized (especially for mobile). Articulate Rise is a perfect solution for compliance training.

6. Make it social

Use your LMS social features or social media groups where employees are invited to post questions or ideas, participate in discussions and rate responses. Organise virtual meetings and get the conversations happening and incite a collaborative environment. Two heads are better than one!

I’m sure there are many other ways that we can create compliance training that isn’t met with a sigh. When tasked with creating compliance training, try to think of yourself as the learner and take it from there.

If you need help improving your compliance training then get in touch and find out about our content development services using Articulate 360.

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