Four simple components to create tailored learning solutions

Four simple components

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) have significantly transformed how businesses manage and deliver training. The fast pace of change means your workforce requires new skills continuously and traditional learning methods are no longer as inclusive. Any organisation focused on growth can benefit from a reliable LMS.

There are tonnes of LMSs on the market, all promising different solutions so it isn’t surprising that over the years we’ve frequently heard things like –

“We need so much training on how to use our LMS”, “our LMS is so complicated”, “the LMS simply doesn’t do what we need it to do”.

As frustrating as this sounds, it’s how many administrators and managers feel when they’re getting started with a new business app that is supposed to be making their life easier. In reality, an organisation’s decision on a LMS or learning platform is largely driven by the usability of the end user rather than the people maintaining the system. But as this decision is one of the most impactful and important ones you can make it’s vital that you do the groundwork and research to find a system that works for everyone.

Thanks to our long experience in delivering best-in-breed learning solutions, we’ve had the chance to learn from our clients, too. About valuing the administrator’s experience as well as the user’s. About the role of flexibility and scalability for long-term value. About what works (and what doesn’t) when you truly want to excite people to learn.

This is why, we built Birch – a positive learning experience for everyone – administrators, learners, managers, trainers and more. It focuses just as much on the back-end experience as it does on the learner. We wanted to keep the hard-working and passionate learning administrator as happy and productive as possible. But also lighten their load by giving managers and trainers more access to what they need.

A unique and innovative end-to-end solution, built from the ground up, Birch has four key components that make learning natural – Goals, Elements, Connections and Tags.

The key components of Birch that make learning natural for our clients

GOALS are made up of Elements that build the learning pathway for learners. Goals easily control the flow from one Element to another.

ELEMENTS are learning activities and can include media upload and review, eLearning content such as SCORM, xAPI, AICC or Cmi5, face to face or virtual events or on-the-job assessments.

CONNECTIONS remove the limits of traditional user and course structure. Connect things together in a way that works for you – create dynamic target audiences, automate compliance, group users, make teams, build workflows and enhance reporting.

TAGS simplify searching, showcase featured learning and enhance reports.

A simple combination of these key components is all you need to build and design learning programs for your organisation with Birch. Configuration can be as simple as a single activity to be completed by a learner or as complex as a compliance workflow with multiple elements that renew each year. Either way, the setup and configuration are easy and intuitive.

We’ve broken down some of main ways that Birch benefits learners, administrators, trainers and decision-makers.

For learners

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Simple to navigate
  • Tailored to your unique learning requirements
  • Able to incorporate external learning experiences outside the platform
  • Designed to encourage achievement of goals.

For administrators and managers

  • Simple and straightforward to set up, administer and maintain
  • Holistic, end-to-end solution
  • Interactive dashboard delivers actionable reporting, including the ability to benchmark your team’s performance against the entire organisation.

For trainers

  • Comprehensive range of learning experience options
  • Create or adapt your own learning programs or work with us to develop new programs
  • Actionable reporting
  • Incorporates xAPI statements so you can track learner progress and create comprehensive reports
  • Smart modular system adapts and scales to changing needs.

For decision-makers

  • Simple, easy-to-understand pricing based on number of users
  • Comprehensive subscription includes licences, hosting and support
  • Responsive, company-wide reporting for ROI
  • Delivered by a trusted partner with a wealth of experience in learning
  • Designed to foster positive user experiences for increased uptake
  • Scaleable, flexible and customisable for exceptional value

Take a closer look at Birch Learning Platform on our demo page. For a live demonstration please contact us and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

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