eLearning content in Birch

Enjoy the Flexibility of Content Options with Birch Learning Platform

Birch Learning Platform provides a turnkey learning solution that helps organisations to maintain compliance and develop the skills and expertise of its employees. When it comes to content, Birch allows for clients to control what content they want to use and the flexibility to choose from a combination of options.

1. Birch eLearning Catalogue

Birch off-the-shelf catalogue delivers a perfect experience for everyone across all devices with its responsive design. Built using Articulate Rise means we can easily contextualise the content to include an organisation logo, policies, procedures and weblinks.  Features include, videos, interactions, workplace scenarios, bookmarking and knowledge checks.  Kept up to date with the latest Australia and State legislative changes to ensure you meet compliance requirements. The catalogue is designed and developed by our awarded winning team and widely used by government and organisations. See an example here.

The best news is that the catalogue is growing. It’s driven by suggested topics or subjects from our thriving Birch community. All courses are included with a Birch subscription at no additional cost. Administrators can easily register learners to any courses they need or learners can self register.  Popular titles include WHS, IT Security, Management and Business. Download the Birch eLearning Catalogue brochure to find out more.

2. Built in Elements

Elements in Birch are learning activities such as any eLearning content (SCORM/xAPI/AICC/CMI5), reading a file, undertaking on the job assessment, watching a video, attending at workshop/class/webinar, taking an assessment, uploading a document/license/permit for sign off. Add title, basic information, additional resources and a certificate to each Element. Resources can be a file or URL link to a pre reading document.

3. Develop Your Own

Birch uses the Rustici Engine so its certified SCORM Learning Platform and complies with Scorm 1.2, Scorm 2004 and AICC.  Load your own content easily and without limitations. Birch also has a Learning Record Store built right in so you can unleash the power of xAPI.

We recommend Articulate award winning apps to build engaging and interactive eLearning quickly. We have more information on the benefits of using Articulate over your built in LMS content tool here. If your team needs professional development on how to use Articulate tools or how to design eLearning then we have you covered with Certified Articulate Training and the eLearning Design Essentials program.

4. Rapid Course

Need more content? Rapid Course™ is the eLearning industry’s first customisable off-the-shelf content marketplace, built in the award-winning Articulate. With 13 categories and 81 courses (and growing), we’re sure you’ll find what you need. What makes Rapid Course™ unique is that when you buy a course, the download includes the Articulate source files, so you can quickly customise the course for your needs! Find out more about Rapid Course here.

5. External Content Libraries

If that isn’t enough content, Birch Learning Platform seamlessly connects to external content libraries like LinkedIn Learning and GO1. The Go1 Content Hub is the largest curated eLearning library from the world’s top training providers, available for a single subscription within Birch Learning Platform.

For more information visit the Birch Learning Platform webpage or get in touch with us.