eLearning Adoption at NRMA


One of the great joys of my role here at B Online Learning, is when I get to work with individuals, groups or companies who are starting an eLearning journey and my role is to help them start.

With so many projects or business change initiatives the first step is the hardest part, it contains all of the presumptive fears, it details all of the roadblocks both real and imagined and it often flavours the rest of the project with either optimism or despair depending on how you get out of the gates. It’s great to be there at the start of these journeys and to speak with the travellers down the track about how positive the journey was for them and how it has affected others.

I was recently proud to be a part of was the training of a group of education professionals at NRMA in the use of the Articulate Storyline content development application.

This group was at the start of their own project, one which had the potential to touch 2.5 million Australians. The project was to develop eLearning modules that would support the roll out of a new customer management system across IAG (the parent company of NRMA) and NRMA. But this was much more than just systems training.

The eLearning had to:

  • Deliver a consistent experience to the users
  • Deliver system walk throughs
  • Provide end to end training in system functionality
  • Support face to face training in key aspects of the system rollout including:
    • Transactional knowledge
    • Increase product awareness
    • Close gaps identified in the Net Promote Score
    • Support the Brand and Marketing of the system
    • Engender a positive end user experience of the new system from day one
    • Support, re-enforce and broadcast company values in the design and delivery of the eLearning

B Online Learning delivered a customised eLearning Design Essentials Workshop and also the Certified Articulate Storyline program.  We are only organisation in Australia and New Zealand who has been certified by Articulate to train people in their software.

We are in a unique position to not only have some of the best and most knowledgeable Articulate developers in the region, we also have direct access to the global network of Certified Articulate training providers, not to mention Articulate themselves.

The combined knowledge of this network equates to literally tens of thousands of hours of experience in developing content in all industries with their various requirements, timeframes, integrations and eccentricities. This pooled knowledge is then accessible during our training courses.

Some reasons NRMA chose to use Articulate Storyline were:

1. Delivers a consistent experience to the users

2. Delivers system walk throughs

3. Provides end to end training in system functionality

4. Supports face to face training in key aspects of the system rollout 

As NRMA discovered the training heightened user experiences and greater inroads into the lest tangible aspects of any system implementation, namely the physiological aspects of the new system on the existing user base and their support of the new system.

Once again Articulate Storyline adaptability allows for easy integration of higher level humanistic engagement with the content, such as virtual reward based exploration and simulation completion, otherwise known as gamification.

For the NRMA project team the ease of use, simplicity of development and templating, adaptability of the output and ability to support current and emerging eLearning practice has resulted in the creation of more than 50 courses so far and these modules have been accessed and used by more than 2500 people to date.

All achieved with the standard crazy implementation timeframes, system revisions and project delays that happen with any system change in a large organisation.

B Online Learning is very happy to have played a small but we think integral part in the success of the project and we offer congratulations to the NRMA team!

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