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As the Exclusive Articulate Certified Training Partner in Australia and New Zealand, we run several training sessions on how to use Articulate’s authoring tools – Storyline and Rise 360+.

In this blog, we look at our Articulate Storyline Master course – what it involves, who it’s for, and what you’ll get out of it.

What’s the course about?

Articulate Storyline is an award-winning app that can be used to create dynamic and engaging eLearning content. It can be published and played on various devices and used for any topic – modern slavery, passenger vehicle road safety, and lifelong learning are just some of the topics we’ve worked on.

Our Master workshop is our most advanced exploration of Articulate Storyline. It expands on the building blocks of Storyline and its basic features (covered in our Articulate Basic and Advanced Storyline training sessions), and takes them even further, showing you how to create more complex effects.

It doesn’t mean that these effects are always complex to build but given they are all based on the foundations of Storyline (slides, states, layers, and triggers), it’s important that participants already have a solid understanding of these features before they learn more masterful tricks and techniques.

The course runs over three, 3.5-hour live virtual sessions.

Who’s it for?

It’s suitable for anyone who has been using Articulate Storyline for eLearning content development (for at least six months) and is comfortable with the building blocks of Storyline. This could include training managers, instructional designers, trainers, product managers, and marketing and communications professionals.

Attendees that have already completed the Articulate Basic and Advanced Storyline training should consider taking the course as the next level up. If after completing these courses and getting the hang of Storyline, you thought what else is there, how can I learn more? Then this course is for you.

What will you get out of it?

You’ll have a more thorough understanding of what’s capable with Storyline and how you can push the functionality to create interesting and unique features that will make your eLearning content even more effective and engaging.

We explore a range of topics and you’ll learn how to:

  • Add gamification with states, button sets, random number variables, conditions, and lightboxes
  • Create a learning journal PDF document for learners to print or save
  • Build video-like effects using states, animations and cue points
  • Build complex interactive activities
  • Create a planner by dragging and dropping post-it notes
  • Add a scale to score questions
  • Build a course menu with restrictions
  • Create a branching scenario with animated characters

No matter what sort of interactivity you can think of, there will be a way to create it with Storyline. And, after completing this course, you’ll have the skills to do it yourself, creating impressive animations and interactivity, without the need for a generous video budget, in no time.

We also provide you with take-home source files that you can use to develop your own eLearning courses.

This course is facilitated by our Learning Manager, Matt Blackstock who is an expert in Articulate and eLearning development. He’ll encourage you to get involved and will be able to provide advice and answer any specific questions you may have.

Want to know more?

In this video, Matt gives you a top-level look at some of the ways you can do more with Storyline and showcases some of the topics explored in the Master training session. It also includes some examples so you can see the functionality in action.

Think this course is for you? Our next Articulate Storyline Master course is 9-11 July and you can register on our website.

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