Creating Lightbox Slides in Articulate Storyline

In an Articulate Storyline module users move from one slide to another via a ‘jump to slide trigger’, but what if they could jump to a slide and keep their place in the module at the same time? Well, to do this you’ll need a light box which allows you to link to content from one part of your module to the slide the user is currently on! You can light box a single slide, multiple slides or make the same slide available from anywhere in your project.
Here’s a few uses for light box slides:
  • Instructions
  • Course resources/ additional information
  • Navigation information
  • Hints and/or tips
  • Gate screen e.g. are you sure you want to exit?
  • Linking to module content during a quiz
In the next section, I’ll show you two ways to add a light box slide to your project. Remember you’ll need to have all your slides built first and both methods work in all versions of Storyline.
1. Adding a Trigger to a Slide Object
From a slide, you’ll need to insert an object for the user to access the light box. I’ll use a button in this example but it could be something else, maybe a shape or a picture. The action ͛part of the trigger is Light box slide, then you’ll need to select which slide you͛ d like to light box:
In this example, the ‘when’ part of the trigger is User clicks the button:
In this example, the ‘when’ part of the trigger is User clicks the button:
Note: I’ve placed the slide that’s light boxed into its own scene so you’d need to preview the entire project to see it work but all going well looks like this
2. Adding an extra tab to the Player
As an alternative to accessing a light box from a slide, you can also create a new tab in the Player and access the light box from there. First, you’ll need to go to Player Properties. In the Features area click on the page icon:
This will open the Trigger Wizard where you can name your new tab, choose to position it on the left or right side of the top bar and add the trigger:
The red x in the top right corner is automatically added to a light box slide and has the close functionality built in. Also, if your light boxed slide contains audio or video audio they will still work when displayed as a light box.
Have you used light box slides before? How have you used them? Let us know in the comments area below.

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