What You Missed at the Articulate User Group

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Sydney, Australia – B Online Learning hosted the first online Articulate User Group meet up via a webinar. We had around 150 people from Australia and New Zealand register for the event which was terrific! Matt Guyan and our Creative Designer, Matt Blackstock took turns presenting a session each.

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Here’s a rundown of what happened and we also recorded the entire webinar so you can watch each session.

Session 1: Customising Quiz Questions using the Slide and Feedback Masters

In the first part of the webinar, I showed everyone how I created some graded quiz questions in Storyline 2 that have an entirely different look-and-feel to the default style. The changes involved editing both the Slide and Feedback Masters and while there’s a little bit of work upfront, once it’s done, there’s a new and consistent look across different question types. The .story file is also available via the E-Learning Heroes Downloads page.

Watch Matt G’s session here

Session 2: Design for Non-Designers

In the second session, Matt Blackstock spoke about the importance of visual design in eLearning and the C.R.A.P principles which provide practical (and easy to remember) guidelines when designing your eLearning modules. Matt’s currently writing a blog series for B Online Learning all about visual design so keep an eye out for those too. In the meantime, here’s some helpful links he shared during his session:







Watch Matt B’s session here

Session 3: Ask the Experts

In the last part of the webinar, we wanted people to bring any questions they may have about their projects and hopefully get some answers. While there weren’t many project questions we had a few of our own too! Here’s what people said:

What’s your favourite Storyline feature?

  • Easy for beginners
  • Slide masters
  • Embedding video with text overlay (using a layer)
  • Lightbox slides
  • Eyedropper tool for selecting colours
  • The Community!

We also asked if people had joined Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Community and many had which is great. You can take a look at the site here: https://community.articulate.com/

A big thank you to everyone who registered and came along! Hope to see you at our next event. For information on the Certified Articulate training please visit here.

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