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Creating Effective Course Development Tools

The secret for success in most things is having the correct tools for the job and the ability to use them properly. For effective training courses, that means having comprehensive and intuitive course development tools that quickly and easily create the training you need.

Many people and companies that provide traditional training courses often struggle to convert to remote learning because of the different concepts and the special skills that are often needed.

Comprehensive and Feature Rich

Articulate, the development tools we use are designed to be easy to use so that anyone, despite a lack of technical knowledge, can use them to create effective training courses. But simplicity doesn’t imply a basic system — far from it. Our development platform has a host of features that you can use to quickly create effective training for all types and grades of participants.

Effective training tends to be that which not only has the information a participant needs but presents it in a way that the person finds interesting. Training that engages its audience so that everyone is keen to learn and, as a result, gains maximum benefit from the training.

Our course development is designed to produce exactly that sort of training by providing:

  • templates that you can customise and use to create courses with a consistent and personalised style
  • standard course libraries where you can select suitable content and incorporate it into your training courses, adapted if necessary
  • a variety of outputs that can include narrative, question and answer sessions, interactive learning and animated effects

Constant Improvement

The aim of all training is to impart knowledge and give people the skills they need to improve and to do their jobs. Our Birch learning platform allows you to produce training, distribute it to the right people and measure its effectiveness. You can then constantly improve the training where gaps are identified.

Because every trainee is unique, you can reflect this by producing, quickly and easily, different versions of every training course. You can set goals and training schedules for every learner and can assess their progress by tracking how they perform on each course. This can lead to adaptations to the training and the schedule of each individual to produce learning that is truly personal.

All this is achieved with no complex coding and no need for technical knowledge, simply a wish to produce the best learning possible. We’ll help you in that aim with guidance and support, and we’ll always react to feedback by improving our products where possible. After all, successful training means a satisfied customer and that’s good business for us.

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