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Birch in Action Webinars

Calendar Icon 8 February 2023

Date: 8 February 2023
Time: 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm AEDT
Venue: Online

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Make Learning Easy

Inspiring your organisation to embrace learning is a big job, so you need a learning platform that makes it easy, not hard. Birch is a holistic, intuitive solution especially created by learning experts to adapt to your needs. Watch Ben to see how Birch is designed to make learning easy for everyone – learners, administrators, managers and trainers. He will explore just a few of the exciting features that makes learning feel natural again.

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Using Events to Increase Learner Engagement

Learning can involve many things, so Birch Learning Platform has different Elements users choose from to organise their learning activities. One of these Elements is Events. An Event can be either a physical face to face session or workshop, a live webinar or on-demand webinar. Events empower administrators, trainers and managers with key event data with a focus on enhancing learners experience and engagement.

Join Ben in this webinar to see:

  • An overview of the key components of Birch Learning Platform
  • What Events are and how easy they are to configure
  • Ways our clients enjoy the flexibility of Events
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Getting the most from SCORM reporting

In this webinar, we will explore the SCORM report feature in Birch Learning Platform. SCORM reporting displays completion and score data for learners as well as how they responded to individual questions in the course.

You will also learn some advanced techniques to use in Articulate Storyline to ensure all your learners responses is being sent to a SCORM compliant LMS.

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Publishing Articulate 360 content for your LMS

This webinar looks at everything you need to know to publish content from Articulate Storyline and Rise so that it will work perfectly with your LMS.

It covers the basics of publishing, information about the various LMS standards, LMS reporting and tracking options. Ben will also demonstrate how to load your content in an LMS using Birch Learning Platform.

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Using Streams to Build Personalised Learning Programs

Streams provide flexibility for Birch Learning Platform clients that have intricate and complex learning paths. They are designed for highly regulated industries with large numbers of users that require an adaptable solution that is easy and quick to implement.

This webinar will look what streams are and demonstrate examples of how our clients are enjoying the flexibility of streams.

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Exploring LMS Content Options

Birch Learning Platform provides a turnkey learning solution that helps organisations to maintain compliance and develop the skills and expertise of its employees. In this webinar we demonstrate how Birch allows clients to control what content they want to use to protect their IP and the flexibility to choose from a combination of options to suit their requirements.

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Making Learning Easy for Health Care

From our experience with hospital, heath care and aged care clients, we continually improve Birch Learning Platform to solve the biggest problems faced by these types of organisations. In this webinar we look at how Birch Learning Platform is being used to solve these problems with:

  1. Robust reporting to meet compliance obligations
  2. Improved workflow
  3. Reduced time spent on admin tasks and Excel spreadsheets
  4. Ability to deal with different types of learning and assessment
  5. Easy access to resources
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Using Actionable Reporting for Compliance
See how Birch lets you build the reports you want, with the data you need, but do more with it. Actionable reporting lets the user interact with the data. We explore how you can drill down into user profiles, send messages to users and easily slice your compliance reports by user, manager, location, teams or across the whole organisation.

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