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Calendar Icon 9 December 2022

Date: 9 December 2022
Time: 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm AEDT
Venue: Online

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Tips on using Articulate Storyline 360 blocks with Articulate Rise 360

Friday 1pm (AEST) 30 September

Rise 360 is easy to use and produces great looking eLearning “out of the box”.
But sometimes we might want to customise an interaction outside of what Rise 360 offers us. That’s where Storyline 360 can come into play!

Join Matt Blackstock, Learning Manager as he looks at ways you can utilise the Storyline Block in Rise360 to:

• add custom interactions
• add explainer videos
• add advanced functionality e.g. allow learner to save or print their notes

We’ll look at some real life examples and share ideas on how you can push your learner’s Articulate Rise 360 experience further.

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Ideas on How to Use Results Slides in Articulate Storyline

Results slides in Articulate Storyline are much more than just a way to track a course assessment. When used correctly they can inform the learners’ training journey, they can control the learning pathway through the content, they can reinforce key learnings and they can manage detailed reporting to your LMS or LRS.

Join Ben Saunders, Solution Manager for this insightful webinar that will:

• Detail how to set up your result slides correctly
• Examine some design options that will get your results slide to stand out
• Discuss what is required to get your result slide to work correctly with your LMS

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Using 360° Images in Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is always adding new features. One of the recent additions was 360° images. A 360° image can provide a pseudo-virtual reality effect (at a fraction of the cost), where a learner can explore an environment by looking around it themselves. They can also interact with the images through markers and hotspots to discover more.

Join Matt Blackstock as he takes a deep dive into 360° images, looking at how easy it is to build an onboarding module designed to assist employees to navigate their new workplace.

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Taking Articulate Storyline to the Next Level

Join Matt Blackstock as he demonstrates some high skill level techniques to use in Articulate Storyline. This webinar showcases topics from our Articulate Storyline Training Master workshop including motion paths, gamification, and some state ‘secrets’. Register to view it live and/or to receive the recording.

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