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L&D Innovation and Tech Fest 2022

Calendar Icon 2 December 2022

Date: 2 December 2022
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEDT
Venue: ICC
14 Darling Drive
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

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B Online Learning are the Game Changer Sponsor!

The world has changed. Businesses are demanding. New technologies are emerging. The clock is ticking. And the big L&D shift is on. L&D has moved beyond its operational role and is fast transforming into a core, focused, and disciplined strategic business function. Not only is the content and mechanics of learning being transformed, but also what your people learn, when they learn and how they experience it. L&D Innovation & Tech Fest will run alongside HR Innovation & Tech Fest, the fastest growing and most vibrant HR event.


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Reflective Positivity®: Unlocking Leader Potential and Performance through Closing the Leadership Reflection Gap

Headliner Speaker: Dr Suzi Skinner, Managing Director, Roar People

We have a reflection gap in leadership resulting in poor decision making and leader overwhelm. It’s a global problem. Leaders report getting stuck in negative thought spirals, being a victim of information overload and an over-reliance on reactive thinking. In these uncertain times, reactive, inefficient, thoughtless or inconsiderate actions are derailing individual and collective efforts to rebuild, restabilise and rejuvenate teams and cultures.

Doctoral research conducted by Dr Suzi Skinner reveals that returning to our best selves and leading well means closing the reflection gap in leadership with the Reflective Positivity® process. This evidence-based process, discovered through Dr Skinner’s study of leaders in Silicon Valley, provides powerful insights into reflective processes which build leader self-belief and enable leaders to translate better thinking into even better action.

Key takeaways:

  • Realise the critical importance of reflection, especially the nature and evolution of reflection required in leadership, to thrive in today’s organisations.
  • Understand the core dimensions and techniques of Reflective Positivity® and how it positively impacts self-belief and performance.
  • Using technology to analyse reflection capability in leaders and apply individualised and group learning strategies.

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Suzi Skinner Roar People

Understanding today’s powerful learning technology to analyse and apply smart learning strategies

Ben Saunders, Solution Manager, B Online Learning


Technology gives us the ability to easily analyse leaders’ reflection capability through a sophisticated survey tool that measures various groups of data to produce a results report to determine the appropriate course of action each leader can take to improve their reflection capability. B Online Learning developed a solution using Articulate apps Storyline and Rise and Birch Learning Platform.

Using the Reflective Positivity® leadership program as an example, we will show you the steps for building, analysing and using the data from these tools to enhance leadership capabilities in your organisation.

Key takeaways:

  • Capture more content data to shape your learning outcomes using advanced features in Articulate Storyline
  • How powerful data insights from reporting in Birch Learning Platform helps analyse reflection capability in leaders and apply learning strategies to enhance performance.

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Ben Saunders
Birch Learning Platform

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