Invisible Learning Takes Centre Stage

This article from HCAMAG.COM discusses how informal learning which now accounts for up to 90% of learning in the workplace, and social media are now making inroads into this area of corporate life. It may be time to ensure your L&D practices are keeping up. It features B Online Learning's eLearning strategies...

Motivate Learning with Mobile Learning

In this white paper from 2012, we discuss what mobile learning is, how it can improve an organisation’s learning processes and practices, and finally 4 key questions to answer before you implement mobile learning. How was mobile learning going to address the problems I had? What devices does our organisation...

Make social media part of your eLearning strategy

There has been a lot of talk lately about informal learning or social learning in the workplace.  So what's social learning? Dave Wilkins defines it as ‘learning through your interactions with others and through the knowledge and expertise of others’ (Wilkins 2009) Nowadays learners do not need to be in...
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